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Guest bloggers for Moss Media must craft phenomenal, informative content that inspires businesses, digital marketers, newbies and pro-bloggers alike to take action.

You will be able to offer in-depth articles,  resources, tips, and valuable content that will resonate with our readers and inspire our target market of both established and influential audience.

If you want your guest post published on MossMedia.biz, please fill out the form below and send your post.

  • Add 3 links of your previously published article

There are 2 Groups of Contributors for Moss Media

  1. Guest contributors: This group of contributors are those who occasionally submit blog posts for publishing on Moss Media blog.
  2. Regular contributors: Regular contributors to Moss Media are those who are commitment to publishing regularly, either biweekly or monthly on this blog. The benefits or contributing regularly are enormous, as we will promote you vigorously across marketing channels to give you more exposure and establish your brand.

All contributors to Moss Media will receive social media exposure once their posts goes live.

Guidelines for all blog posts

  • Your post must be at least 1000 words in length with a featured image and one or two images – infographic, graph, etc in the body of content.
  • Please, make sure to check the post to make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors, as it will save both you and the Moss Media editors a remarkable amount of time and speed up the publishing of your article
  • Make sure your post is 100% original, and must not have been published anywhere else including your own website
  • Please, make sure to check other content here on Moss Media blog to make sure the writing style of your post is consistent with our writing style
  • You must attribute credit to any images and quotes used in your content.
  • Moss Media will not publish any article written for a promotional purpose, link building purposes, offensive articles, critical of other brands, etc. We will be glad to help you if, in any way, you have doubts about your content.
  • You are not permitted to republish any article or content published by Moss Media on any other site.
  • We urge you to actively share the link to your article on www.mossmedia.biz across all social media platforms / bookmarking sites.
  • We reserve the rights to edit your post before and after publication to make sure your post is correct and complete
  • You can add only one link to promote your website – in your author bio section.

We publish content on the following subjects

  • How-to guides
  • Blogging and content marketing tips, tools, and resources
  • Website traffic, conversion, SEO, tips, tools, and resources
  • Social media / social media marketing: guides, tips, tools & resources
  • Digital marketing: Affiliate marketing, SEO, email marketing, guides, tips, tools, and resources

However, if you have any topic ideas that will add value to our target audience, but not mentioned here, please, feel free to send it for consideration.

Before pitching your content, be sure to check our blog to make sure your topic or article has not been extensively covered here on our blog, as we will not publish such article.

How to Submit Your Guest Post

  • Please, save your completed guest post in Word Doc
  • Include relevant images for the post
  • Add a short author bio and author image

We will contact you once your article gets published.

After your post gets published:

  • We urge you to share the post with your audience on social media sites and help it reach a wider audience
  • Engage with readers of your post on all social media platforms

Thank you for your amazing article, and happy guest posting.