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Do you want to write for us? You’re most welcome. Guest bloggers for Moss Media will be able to deliver well-research in-depth articles,  resources, tips, and valuable content that will resonate with our readers and inspire our target market.

*Important* Our readers are both professionals and beginners.

Why write for Moss Media?

Each guest post you write for us gets shared to our social media audience of over 74,000 targeted followers, and to our email subscribers as well.

You’ll get more exposure as we share and re-share your blog post across social sites and other major bookmarking platforms.

Requirements for Approval

  • Your guest post must be a minimum of 1,200-words. The more words you add to it, the better your content will be because long-form content performs better on Google.
  • You don’t have to add words for the sake of it–simply to raise the volume of your content. Google hates that idea but prefers quality content.
  • Make sure you link to external credible sources.
  • You must attribute credit to any images, graphs, and quotes used in your content.
  • Make sure you link to a minimum of 3 posts on the Moss Media blog.
  • Include at least three relevant images to your article draft.
  • You can promote one of your blog posts in the body of content and one link at your author bio section.
  • You are not allowed to promote your landing page(s) or any other commercial article.
  • Make sure your blog post is original, free of plagiarism, and must not be published anywhere else.

After Your Guest Post Is Published

  • We encourage you to share it with your social media followers and email subscribers
  • Visit our blog frequently to respond to comments

How To Submit A Pitch

  • Use the form below to submit your guest post outline.
  • Add three links of your samples or previously published blog content.
  • Add a short author bio and headshot

Moss Media is interested in the following topics

We publish content on the following subjects or topics:

  • How-to guides
  • Blogging and content marketing tips, tools, and resources
  • Website traffic, conversion, SEO, SEO tips–guides, tips, tools, and resources
  • Social media & social media marketing –guides, tips, tools & resources
  • Affiliate marketing – guides, tips, tools, and resources
  • However, if you have any topic ideas that will add value to our target audience, but not mentioned here, please feel free to send it for consideration.

Before pitching your content, be sure to check our blog to make sure your topic or article has not been extensively covered here on our blog, as we will not publish such an article.

How to Boost Your Chances of Getting Approved

  • Craft an in-depth, well-researched content that is different from what is rampant on the internet.
  • Make sure you link to at least 8 credible sources
  • Do not subm[it articles that we have already covered extensively on this blog.
  • Do not submit a blog post that is written for a promotional purpose, link building purposes, offensive articles, critical of other brands, etc.
  • Read some of our recent posts to get an idea of the type of content that is working for us.
  • Write an irresistible outline and submit your pitch.

Fill out the form below and send your pitch!

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Thank you for your amazing blog content, and happy guest posting.

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