How Food Bloggers Benefit from Web Push Notifications

How can you use web push notifications to scale your small business?

As a blogger, how can you benefit from web push notification?

Ping! “Your account was credited with $3000.”

Ping! “John Doe has requested to follow you on Instagram.”

Ping! “Your flight to Florida will depart at 20:00 hrs. Please reach the Gate number 2 for boarding now.”

All these are pings from different mobile apps installed in your phone but have the same name–Push notifications.  How many such sounds do you receive on a typical day? A lot for sure.

These are push notifications sent by mobile apps for informing, updating, or asking an action from the users. It is a technology that is initially used by large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies to boost app engagements and generate leads. As a result, businesses have thrived with push marketing and managed to retain their customers for a longer duration.

Thanks to the push technological developments, the easy marketing tool is now accessible to bloggers and content marketers as well. By using web push notification, small businesses, bloggers and content marketers can reach their audience more effortlessly and attract more readers to their blog content.

Consequently, this article will show you how you can use web push notifications to boost audience engagement, improve your readership, and increase traffic to your food blog. So let’s start from the basic.

How do web push notifications work?

Web push notification services let a website send clickable messages to the users who have opted in to receive the same. The site equipped with a web push notification service prompts an opt-in box to its new visitors.

The box offers two options: either ‘allow’ or ‘block’ the notifications from the particular website.

How Food Bloggers Benefit from Web Push Notifications

Once allowed the website can send as many web push notifications to the users on their web browsers. The information looks something like this on a computer and a mobile screen respectively. (see screenshot below).

How Food Bloggers Benefit from Web Push Notifications

The alerts work on an opt-in/opt-out basis. That means a user can opt-out from your signals anytime he wishes.

How to integrate push notifications into your blog?

It is as simple as installing a mobile app. You can use two methods to integrate push notification feature on your blog.

  1. Subscribe to a SaaS-based push notification service or,
  2. Integrate a self-hosted web push notification tool.

In SaaS, you can subscribe to any popular push notification service and use their cloud-hosted tool to send push alerts to your readers. In return, you will be paying monthly rentals or settle on a per-notification basis.

If you go for the self-hosted option, you can purchase and own the tool for good. You can host it on your server and send as many alerts without paying any rental or per-notification charge. These tools are free because they use Google’s firebase cloud messaging to deliver the signals. Google provides this service for free.

Why should you integrate push notifications into your food blog?

If you are using email newsletters to drive traffic to your blog, you will understand the superiority of push notifications over these traditional methods. Push notifications do the same as emails but with a more targeted and penetrating approach. We will comprehend all the benefits and utilities of push messages for your blog in this section.

1: A direct way to optimize your blog for mobile users

You will find countless articles published by hundreds of influencers touting the inevitability of mobile optimization for SEO and content marketing. For the food bloggers, going mobile friendly is not just an SEO method but also a way to meet many other beneficial intentions.

Similarly, mobile-friendly marketing is not only about making your site responsive but also optimizing the funnel for direct traffic through mobile phones.

Why mobile is important and how push notification fits-in?

Check the following stats:

  • Content marketing generates 3X more leads than any other marketing channel.
  • In 2018, mobile phones generated 52.2% of the whole internet traffic.
  • In the U.S., 57% of users browse a site using mobile devices.
  • Worldwide, 51% of mobile users rely on their mobile phones for brand and product research.
  • The funniest one, the majority of people have a cell phone than toothbrushes.

Did you interpret it?

Content marketing is crucial, and bloggers need it for generating website traffic. However, to do that, no blogger should ignore that the majority of people are using mobile phones to browse their content. Here is where web push notifications come in handy.

To that end, you can optimize your content for mobile viewing and push alerts on mobile web browsers about any new announcement. The distribution of content via a cross-platform channel like web push alert can boost your readership to the ten folds.

2: Push notifications are smarter than email Newsletters

The modus operandi of web push notifications make them suitable for targeting relevant audience for your content. They are more suitable for delivering your alert at a more impressive rate than traditional email newsletters.

With an average open rate of 98%, these clickable messages always get better stats than emails, which receive only up to 22% of the same. It was anticipated, considering that some email newsletters fall prey to the spam filters and never make it to the targeted users’ inbox.

So yes! Push alerts are better, at least on the front of message delivery rate.

3: A better channel for content distribution

Food bloggers write some excellent content. From food facts to delicious recipes, you might have devoted a significant amount of time to researching and writing some excellent material. However, do you own a similar strategy for distributing your content?

Sadly, despite producing great content, you are not able to get even the optimum readership. Why? Because you don’t plan to counteract the situation. If you depend only on organic SEO, social feeds, or email newsletters to distribute your food content, push notification is the right channel for you.

A web push notification can not only assure a 100% delivery of your newsletters but also immediate direct traffic to your new and old publications. It can work as a fantastic content distribution channel that does not trap your newsletters in spam filters.

In the subsequent sections, we will see how you can launch highly targeted campaigns for content distribution using these tools.

4: Micro-personalize alerts to become relevant

Emails are also capable of personalization up to some extent. However, it is not as efficient as in push notifications. Any essential push alert tool will offer the features to segment your audience in different categories and send only those alerts which are relevant to the section.

Aspects like gender, time-zone, and age group, are some key segments you can create. Also, you can go for an advanced tool to create as many custom segments on more penetrating facets.

For instance, you can create different segments for users in different time-zones and push only those alerts relevant to the targeted geographical location. Say, your latest content is about the “best dishes to eat in Rome.” By geo-fencing the Rome airport, you can push this content to your subscribers landing at the airport.

How Food Bloggers Benefit from Web Push Notifications

Be it any topic; there is always a scope for personalizing a content with awesome headlines for a particular segment. By doing so, you will not only make your notification relevant but also encourage a longer relationship with the reader.

You can create more custom segments, for example, to micro-personalize your content on topics such as:

  • Vegans
  • Vegetarians
  • Non-veg food
  • Asian food
  • Mexican delicacies
  • Diet-tips, etc.

5: Try out the charm of visual appeal

There is no better approach than appealing the opposite party with stunning visuals. Images and pictures have always proven as a better way to communicate. You can leverage image banners feature of Google Chrome notifications and trigger rich alerts backed by stunning banner images.

Note: You can use this option in Google Chrome browsers only. Still, it is a wise idea considering 61% of the internet uses Chrome browser.

How Food Bloggers Benefit from Web Push Notifications

Image source:

Therefore, send Chrome specific push notifications and entice your readers with the images of delicious food items. You can add up to one banner image and one icon image in your Chrome browser push notifications for both mobile and desktop.

Taking your best foot forward, you can add a lovely banner image with your website’s logo to match your content.

How Food Bloggers Benefit from Web Push Notifications

6: Enhanced readership with cross-platform targeting

Web push notifications are the only tool that lets you deliver the same information on all supported devices in a single sweep. With just a single trigger, you can provide your alerts to both mobile and computer users.

Whether your audience is on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or even a smartwatch, you can always reach out to them with your web-based alerts. Bloggers use this benefit and connect with their readers spread across an array of platforms.

Moreover, with Chrome push alerts, you don’t need your users to subscribe on each platform separately.  Using ‘cross-platform synchronization,’ users are automatically subscribed across all the supported devices logged in with the same Google account.

That means it will deliver the same notification to a user on all the platforms being used actively at that moment.

7: Re-targeting current audience base for constant engagement

Food bloggers aim not only at getting a readership but also at capitalizing the same into monetary conversions. They use the web-based alerts to distribute their content evenly and encourage users to take some specific actions.

For example, you can sign up for affiliate marketing of a related brand and market their products on your food blog. Bloggers re-target their readers with relevant product recommendations, exclusive discounts, and vouchers, which they fit along with related content on the blog.

The aim is not just to get more readers, but also to build a fellowship for income generation. For instance, this is how you can re-target the readers of a content named, “Is cow’s milk harmful?”:

You can push notification like in the screenshot below to all the readers of the above-mentioned topics.

How Food Bloggers Benefit from Web Push Notifications

To conclude

Food blogging is a vast genre. There is no shortage of topics and ways to capitalize your efforts with web-based pushing. Show your creativeness and innovate awesome notifications that would boost your blog engagement and traffic.

If you only rely on email newsletters to engage with your audience, it’s time you try out this fantastic tech. I don’t say, email newsletters are a waste, but push notifications are much better on the majority of the fronts. So yes, this is how Food bloggers capitalize web push notifications.

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How Food Bloggers Benefit from Web Push Notifications

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