How to Go Viral with Micro-Influencer Video Marketing (Infographic)

How to Go Viral with Micro-Influencer Video Marketing (Infographic)

How to Go Viral with Micro-Influencer Video Marketing (Infographic)

Discover the power of micro-influencer video marketing with this infographic.

In recent years, attitudes among content marketers have undergone a significant change.

With focus moving away from vanity metrics such as reach and impressions, the content marketers of 2018 are instead leveraging hyper-targeted content to develop deeper audience relationships and to drive genuine brand engagement.

Key to this strategy are micro-influencers who present a more targeted and cost-effective alternative to traditional macro-influencer marketing.   

Micro-influencers have much smaller audiences of between 10,000 – 100,000 followers.

This is because their video content typically centres on more niche themes.

While their reach may be lower, the upside is that many of them have a highly trusting follower base.

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So, why does micro-influencers have a highly trusting follower base?

One theory is that audiences are aware that micro-influencers don’t solely depend on sponsored content for income and as a result they are perceived as more authentic and credible than macro-influencers.

In addition to being highly trusting, fans of micro-influencers also tend to be very engaged.

To back this up, AdWeek recently published an article that points out that mico-influences generate 60% more engagement that their macro-influencer counterpart.

This is because micro-influencers are far more likely to interact with their followers on a personal level.

In fact, the figures back this up with one study revealing that once a social media celebrity reaches a certain number of followers, their engagement rate plummets.

For example, influencers with 100,000+ followers typically have an engagement rate of a mere 2.4%, where those with less than 1,000 usually enjoy high rates of up to 15%.

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If you are interested in using micro-influencers as part of your next video marketing campaign, we recommend that you take a look from the below infographic from the team at One Productions.

This guide covers all the bases of micro-influencer video marketing with practical pointers on how to create a successful partnership as well as useful information about the many business benefits such a partnership can bring.  

How to Go Viral with Micro-Influencer Video Marketing

Here’s more why your small business should use influencer marketing in your marketing strategy.

10 thoughts on “How to Go Viral with Micro-Influencer Video Marketing (Infographic)

  1. Hi Moss,

    You have shared a very informative post. I just read about micro-influencer the other day though not in details. I am glad I got it here in your post. You have explained things in detail which is going to be very helpful to lot of us. can you suggest few micro-influencer in shopping deals and discount segment.

    Thank you for this lovely post. have a great weekend. 🙂

    1. Hi Sajid,
      What marketers should understand is that micro influencer is a terrific marketing tool that can take your business to the next height in a short time. They’re inexpensive and will attract the most engagement with your buyer persona. Thank you, Sajid.

  2. Super breakdown Moss. As you noted; sometimes micro-influencers have more engaged audiences than bigger dawgs. We want followings loyal to bloggers and marketers; not big numbers. Numbers cannot do a darn thing. Rabidly loyal followers will act on a micro influencers advice. Thanks for the rocking share buddy.

    1. Hi Ryan,
      That’s what I’m talking about. A micro-influencer with 10,000, 20,000 followers has a targeted engaged followers who listens to him and will do anything he ask of them. These are people who are following him because of what they’re getting from high-quality content. So its not about have a huge number of followers, but having people who listen to and act upon your sayings.

  3. Hi Moss,

    Awesome article. I must admot I didn’t knew much about micro-influencer before I landed up in your post. Your suggestions are valuable and I will try to follow them and see how it goes.

    Thank you for sharing, have a great day. 🙂

    1. Hi Tarique,

      Yes, when some marketers hear of influencer marketing or influencers, their first though is superstars, successful 6 figure marketers, athletes, and so on. But they forget to understand that influencers they can work with are right there under their nose. That blogger, social media marketer, etc who has a loyal followers of from 10,000 is a remarkable influencer you can work with and generate massive ROI.

  4. This guide helps the marketer very much to grow the audience, Influencer marketing is popular but often many misunderstood that term. This article has really shown the most powerful ways to implement the influencer marketing and way to reach the customer a target the marketing. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Sathish,
      You’re right about the fact that many misunderstood the term “influencer,” thinking that influencers are only the celebrities. But no, you can work as a micro influencer for businesses and startups who do not the a big budget for mega and macro influencers. A micro influencer will help you reach your target audience and increase engagement and sales dramatically because they are always engaging with their audience.

      Thank you to coming by.

  5. Thanks for mentioning! We have lots of free tools which might help your readers run their influencer marketing campaigns. We hope they check them out. Also – let us know if you need anything else for future articles. We publish industry surveys regularly so we have lots of data.

    1. Hi Faith,

      You are most welcome. I found your article valuable so decided to add it to the post because it would benefit my audience. Sure thing, I will check for more informative materials for future articles.
      Thank you, for stopping by and contributing to the discussion.

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