Testimonials: Take a look at what others are saying about my work. These are personal brands and small business owners who are happy with my services.

Lissa Duty

Moss Clement is a content writer who creates content that generates remarkable results! Regarding traffic, engagement, and ROI, Moss delivers. Beyond just being a writer, he is a content marketer that understands what is required to create a great article that converts readers into raving fans (and customers).

– Lissa Duty, Owner of  the RocksDigital.com

Umar Salman

“Moss is one of the most humble, talented, impressive, and smart freelance writers  I’ve had the pleasure to work with on projects. He is always available and humble, in the sense that he is ready and willing to adapt to new suggestions. Better yet, Moss is always punctual and delivers beyond expectations. Despite that I only worked with him for a short time, he has quickly become my go-to writer for content creation.”

– Umar Salman, Digital Marketing & Customer Success, Mondovo.com

testimonial by Bastian Rappl

Moss Clement is without any doubt one of the most passionate professional freelance writers I have had the privilege to worked with. The truth is, I have worked with many writers, but Moss stands out from the rest because he goes beyond expectations. You can expect high-quality articles delivered to you on or before the deadline. He is an interesting communicator–always available and easy to work with. I strongly recommend his services!

– Bastian Rappl, Social Media, and Public Relations at ADENION, Gmbh, Blog2Social.com


“I first met Moss through a comment he left on one of my blog posts. I reencountered him on Twitter. He eventually caught my attention, and I visited his website, where I found high-quality articles on a myriad of topics related to blogging, freelancing, and writing (which are same topics I write about on Wording Well). Moss thoroughness, coupled with his strong online presence, impressed me so much that I reached out to him and offered him a guest post slot at Wording Well. Of course, he accepted! He also fulfilled every request I set forth, and he did that promptly, including sending me images to use in his post, sharing the post all over social media platforms, and responding to comments.”

– Lorraine Reguly, Freelance Writer, Editor, and Owner of WordingWell.com


When it comes to writing content on digital marketing, be it – social media marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, or more, Moss is your choice. He is a regular contributor to my business blog where he has written beautiful pieces covering digital marketing domain. Shorter or longer content (as long as 2000 words or more), he writes beautifully covering every little aspect with relevant statistics and details.
Compensation is not a problem with an influencer like Moss. He believes in forming professional relationships and not looking more on the money side of things. That is his biggest positives.:)

– Stevan McGrath, Digital Marketing Expert, ProvenSEO

testimonials by Louise Myers

“I appreciate Moss’s dedication and consistency in networking. He’s got the can-do attitude to succeed in business. I’m pleased to feature him on my of as his writing is top-notch. I value the quality of my blog above all, and only 1 in 100 bloggers get the cut to write for me. I feel confident you’ll be happy with the results when you use his writing services.”

– Louise Myers, Visual Content Creator & Founder of LouiseM.com

Testimonial by Neal Schaffer

Moss is truly a gifted and experienced writer when it comes to content marketing. Moss has been contributing to my NealSchaffer.com site regularly as a content marketing expert and I have been impressed with his wealth of knowledge and excellent writing skills when it comes to educating marketing professionals on the benefits and how-tos of content marketing.

— Neal Schaffer, CEO NealSchaffer.com, PDCA Social | Social Media Speaker, Consultant, Author & Educator

testimonials“When it comes to Content Marketing, Moss’s knowledge is outstanding. He knows how to help people through content writing and delivering it to the right audience.”

– Charu Mitra Dubey, Founder of Initium Tweets and Charudubey.com, Columnist at Entrepreneur, Hackernoon, Business2Community, GoDaddy, Thrive Global, and CEO  Charudubey.com

testimonials by Janice Wald

“I’m fortunate to consider Moss Clement a friend and colleague in the world of blogging. I have learned so much from him both in the areas of blogging and social media. I was following his Instagram tips today. In addition to being knowledgeable in the areas of blogging and social media, Moss is a great community member. He writes in-depth comments on my blog posts and my guest author’s blog posts. Due to the amount of time he puts into whatever he does, he has gained the respect and friendship of the blogging and social media community.”

– Janice Wald, Founder & CEO, MostlyBlogging.com.