9 Reasons Why No One Reads Your Blog Posts ( And How to Fix It)

9 Reasons Why No One Reads Your Blog Posts ( And How to Fix It)

9 reasons why no one reads your blog posts

Blogging is fun, and to have others read and share your content is even more fun. But when no one reads your blog posts, it becomes frustrating.

The one aspect of blogging that is proving very hard for some bloggers and content marketers, especially newbies in the blogging industry is getting readers – a targeted audience for your blog content.

We all need a target market to often engage with our blog posts – read and share with their followers.

But gaining traction on your blog depends entirely on your content and the promotional strategy you have in place.

For example, for some bloggers Pinterest is their main promotion channel, while others prefer Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

These different social platforms require different promotional strategies for each site to gain success and attract readers to your website.

So, why is no one reading your blog posts? To find the answer to that question, please continue to read the entire article and make sure that you follow these basic blogging principles.

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1• Your blog posts are not useful

9 reasons why no one reads your blog posts

You might have blogged for years, or you’re just starting out. If your blog content is not useful to your target market, nobody will read it.

In other words, no one reads your blog posts because you are not providing useful content.

First things first, to have a target market who engages with your blog, you need to give value – useful information that your target audience will find valuable.

These type of information addresses the issues your readers are trying to solve. As a result, you will set up yourself as an authority in your industry, attract more readers and drive traffic to your website, convert traffic into leads, etc.

No one is reading 
your blog posts because 
you are not providing 
useful content. Click To Tweet

For this reason, start writing well-researched long-form blog posts, expand on the topic you’re writing to help add value to your audience.

If you have ebooks, tutorials, or any form of content that will provide answers to their questions, give it away as a free offer. That way, you are building a crowd of target readers for your blog.

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2• Your headline is not compelling.

Attracting readers to your blog starts with your headline because your headline gives readers a miniature picture of what your content is about, or what they’ll get if they click your headline.

So, if your headline is catchy and compelling, your ideal reader will click to read your post. But if it is somewhat lukewarm, no one will read your post.

Now let us look at these 2 examples to figure out which headline is likely to attract more clicks.

Attracting readers to your blog starts with your headline. Your headline gives readers a miniature picture of what your content is about. Click To Tweet

Let’s say you’re searching Google to find influencers in your niche who will help you share your post with their audience to increase the reach of your article.

While searching you come across these headlines:

  • How to find blogging influencers
  • How to find influencers who are ready to share your blog content

It is obvious that the 2nd headline will get more clicks because it is more specific to your need.

Pro tip:

Make sure your headline is catchy and compelling by being more specific – using various headline formulas that are certain to attract clicks.

The following headline formulas work like magic, us them:

  • An Urgency-driven headline
  • A Numbered headline
  • A Curiosity-driven headline
  • A promise-driven headline, etc.

It is not always easy to come up with irresistible headlines, so spend time crafting your headline to improve clicks. Test your headline as well to find the most forceful headline for your blog post.

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3• You underpromote or overpromote your blog post

You might have noticed that some bloggers over promote their blog content while others under promote their articles.If you over promote your content, your audience will begin to see you as a spammer, and would not want to further engage with your posts.

On the other hand, if you underpromote, you will not get your desired traction or reach your target market with your blog content.

The point here is to keep a balance on how to promote your blog posts. There is a 20% / 80% rule that you must adhere to in the blogging and content marketing circle.

This simply means that you share 20% of your blog content with your target audience and 80% of useful and relevant content from other blogs.

The golden rule of blogging is that you share 20% of your posts and 80% of useful, relevant content from other blogs. Click To Tweet

There is nothing wrong with self-promotion, in fact, it is important for the success of your business, but when you overdo it, it puts your readers away from your blog.

Furthermore, under-promotion is killing the reach of your blog posts. This is a situation where you fail to:

  • Email your new posts to your subscribers
  • Share your posts properly on major social media sites
  • Engage with your readers and respond to blog comments
  • Not sharing your posts at the right time when your audience is sure to engage with your posts
  • Email influencers who might be interested in your article to share it with their audience, etc.

For example, you might share your articles once on various social sites and stop. That’s wrong. Identify the best times to post on social media and schedule your content for posting.

Pro tip:
Make sure you curate valuable content from other blogs and promote to your target market with a blend of your own blog content. Maintain the 20% – 80% rule for promoting content.

Here’s how to promote your blog to attract more readers and massive traffic.

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4• You’re not publishing new posts consistently

Consistency helps you create trust with your buyer persona.

The more consistent you are in publishing new posts, the more likely your target market will build trust with your brand, as they can clearly see that you’re a credible brand – one is trusted.

Consequently, without consistency, they’ll never trust you, nor will they become attached to your brand or even read your blog posts.

The more consistent you are in publishing new posts, the more likely your target market will build trust with your brand, as they can clearly see your credibility. Click To Tweet

In fact, a recent study by HubSpot, shows that companies that publish 15 blog posts monthly saw 5× more traffic than those who publish less. And companies that increase blogging from 3~5× per month to 6~8× per month doubled their leads. So try to up your game if you’re not publishing much.

Pro tip:

Create a content calendar and stick to your schedule. If you’re comfortable with creating and publishing one blog post every day, excellent. But if can only publish one blog post a week, try the best you can to stick to it and improve as times goes by because more content means more traffic.

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5• You are not clear about your niche and ideal reader

9 reasons why no one reads your blog posts

Everyone on Google – including you are looking for a solution to their problems.

For instance, what if you were to put in a search query on Google and the result it present is not relevant to the issue you’re dealing with, you definitely will no read the material, will you?

In a similar way, your ideal reader must sense or know that your post is for him. He must see that your post addresses his pain problem to read it.

For example, which of these article are you likely to read:

  • How to get more blog readers
  • How to instantly double your blog readership in 30 mins or less

You are sure to click the first one because it is clear to you that the article will help you get more readers and double your blog audience in about 30 mins.

As the example above shows, let your target market see indications that your blog content is for him.

Thus, ask yourself this questions:

  • What does my target market see when he visits my website’s homepage, recent posts, post archives, etc.?
  • Will he consistently see that my blog content is relevant to his needs?

If they can clearly see that your niche or topic addresses their problems and that you’re consistent, they will surely read your posts and keep coming back for more.

Pro tip:

Make clear of your niche and find your target audience. Find out the stage of your reader’s journey and tailor your content to the needs of his journey.

Find out the stage of your reader's journey and tailor your blog post according to the needs of his journey. Click To Tweet

In this way, you will be in a better place to gain much traction and readership on your blog. The benefits of being clear about your niche are incredible.

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6• Your posts are not optimized for search engine

Content optimization and SEO are remarkable ways to drive massive traffic to your blog or website. That means you should do an incredible off-page and on-page SEO strategy to help you gain traction on your blog.

This calls for you to use relevant keywordslong-tail keywords and related keywords phrases in your content to boost your content visibility on search engine.

With the right keywords in strategic areas on your blog post, when your target audience search the web, your posts are likely to appear on Google’s result page.

Pro tip:

Optimize your content properly for both voice search and SEO. Create internal links to other content on your site. This is part of on-page blog optimization strategy that will help to keep readers longer on your site.

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Add relevant keywords in the following areas:

  • Blog post title
  • Post URL
  • Body of content
  • SEO title
  • Meta description
  • Image title and Alt text

Try to get quality backlinks to your web-pages from authority websites. The more backlinks you get, the more popular your site will become and the more chances you have to rank high on Google.

Avoid using artificial means to create backlinks for your websites. Backlinks should be natural.

Please note, inasmuch as your content helps to attract and keep a prospect, your website design and structure also plays a vital role in this regard.

Consider improving on the following areas:

  • Website speed
  • Mobile responsive
  • Easy to navigate
  • Excellent user experience (UX)

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9 reasons why no one reads your blog posts

7• Too much product & services  promotion

As mentioned earlier, self-promotion is not bad, but over self-promotion is irritating.

People don’t care much about what you’re selling.

Personally, I hardly read promotion emails of product and services on my inbox, because I’m constantly looking for solutions to my problems.

Let your blog posts be about your buyer persona, not about yourself. Give them the info they're searching for. Click To Tweet

Same goes with your buyer persona. If they sensed that you’re more into promoting your services than providing value, they will leave or unsubscribe from your email list and stop reading your blog.

Pro tip:

Put your readers in front, let your blog posts be about your buyer persona by giving them what they want through your blog content.

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8• Your blog is not mobile responsive

According to a recent study by Comcore, published on the Marketing Land blog, mobile now accounts for about 70% of digital time spent.

This shows that digital growth is all mobile. Further study shows that 80% of smartphone users check their phone with 15 mins of waking up and that over 90% of adult smartphone users have their phone with them 24 hours.

Mobile internet users have dominated the digital marketing landscape, so you must be a part of it by making sure you have a well-designed mobile responsive website or blog. Click To Tweet

So if your site is not mobile responsive you’re definitely losing your readership.

Mobile internet users have dominated the digital marketing landscape, so you must be a part of it by making sure you have a well-designed mobile responsive website or blog.

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9• Your paragraphs are annoying

How could the paragraphs of your blog posts be annoying to your readers?

This is because you write in mega-block formulas. What am I trying to say? My point is that blog writing has a simple formula to attract readers.

But when you go against this simple rule, you put off your blog visitors.

Notice the length of each paragraph and sentence on this article. You agree that each paragraph is not more than 3 or 4 lines. Writing in this style gives you a good readability score which will make your readers stick around and read your entire post.

But when you write huge blocks of text, no one will read your content because it is boring and intimidating. For example, will you feel comfortable reading a post like this one below?

When you write huge blocks of text, no one will read your content because it is boring and intimidating. Click To Tweet

Here are the tasks of a Virtual Assistant on how to manage clients email inbox:
Check their emails at the beginning of every day to review what has come in overnight. Action emails as appropriate. Make use of the email systems technology. Cc your client into an email if you have dealt with it and they need to know. This practice is good if you are new to the job and you want to prove to your manager you are capable, in time this exercise can reduce as you both gain more confidence in your abilities. Use a bring up a folder for important emails and attachments that relate to any upcoming meetings the following day. This will allow them to check any discussions that have taken place over email before the meeting. Check their sent and deleted items as well as the main inbox. In the early days of the job, it will give you a good understanding of how they answer emails and the tone that he takes with different colleagues and clients. Also sometimes emails can be accidentally deleted when really they should be filed. Think about ways to bring their attention to certain emails if they need to deal with something urgently and are unavailable to you – change the subject line, use flags. Respond to emails on the same day even if it is a holding note until you can speak to your client. Format attached documents for your client before printing. If they are going to read the document on their computer screen or hand-held device make sure it is clear and easy to view. If you’re looking for a Virtual Assistant that can do these tasks for you, http://24task.com is a great choice to have your virtual assistant. They can offer any kind of virtual help that a business could need. They offer services like customer support, bookkeeping, social media and marketing, web and design, outbound and inbound telemarketing, voice transcription & editing and more.

The sample block of text above is a no-no in blogging because it hurts the eyes already. Shorter text, sentence, or paragraphs works amazingly well.

Pro tip:

Make sure the text structure of your articles are scannable and easy to read. Use short sentences, bullet point, etc, to break up the text. This will make your blog more engaging and attract more readers.

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9 reasons why no one reads your blog posts

Wrapping up

The reasons above shows why no one reads your blog posts, but you can make them read by applying the tips in the article.

To get people to read your blog posts in today’s competitive blogging and content marketing sphere is a great challenge that not only you, but many others are facing.

However, with a solid plan, you can successfully build an amazing blog community of readers who will always engage and read your posts. So, roll up your sleeves and start implementing these simple tweaks to achieve a positive ROI on your blog.

Start with a compelling head…

What are your tips for getting people to read your blog content. Your comments will be highly appreciated.

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  1. Hi moss,
    Very good information, I understand that when you write a post and the visitor does not come to that post, then how does it feel.
    Your post will help many people who post daily but do not get traffic on their website.
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    1. You’re welcome, Akash. Yes, there are lots of bloggers who write amazing blog posts, but they’re not getting readers for their posts. The tips here will surely help a lot. I’m happy you like the post, and thank you for coming by and commenting.

  2. Hi Moss, great tips indeed. I never promote mine enough, I try and try but run out of time. Between sharing others content, writing content, client work, etc I never get to fully promote my own. I hope to do some ads soon to do it for me 🙂
    I go back and forth with the posting schedule. I try to do at least one time per week and sometimes to 2 but any more than that I’m afraid readers won’t have to time to read them all. I know it’s good for SEO but I’m torn if I had the time to do that extra post a week. (I’m dreaming, Moss – LOL).
    But seriously you make excellent points here, thank you for sharing them with us.
    I love your click to tweets here – makes it so easy for sharing!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      You’re very correct, time is an essential commodity in the digital sphere where blogging plays a crucial role. It is not easy to make out time for what’s important. Thus, you need to setup a content calendar to help you organize you time. That is in fact why social automation tools comes in handy. You can use a couple hours to schedule your posts for the week and then focus on other aspects of your business.
      You talk about ads, that great if you ha e the budget.

      Thank you for coming by and contributing to the discussion.

  3. Hi Moss,
    Excellent article as always. You have given very good in-depth information which I am sure will be very helpful.
    I believe it is very important to be able to connect with our target audience. If my blog is able to provide some kind of solution to my visitors, I am sure they would want to visit me again.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post. Hope to be back soon. 🙂

    1. You’re right, Sajid. Quality over quantity. People are always searching for info that adds value. There are tons of info on the web that promises a solution. But how many of these are worth the time?
      I’m happy you like the post.

      Thanks for coming, and adding to the conversation.

  4. Excellent Moss. I love the sharing bit; if I just help a ton other bloggers by promoting them through social media, on my blog, and by commenting genuinely on their blog posts, I feel good and sweetness flows my way too.

    1. You’re absolutely right, Ryan. By sharing others bloggers content, you’re effectively promoting them to your target market, helping them reach a wider audience. And when you comment on their blogs, you create a link back to your site which will help attract readers to your blog.

      Thank you, Ryan for the share and your thoughtful comment. Well appreciated?!

  5. Hi Moss,

    Great points here to get more people to read your blog posts.

    I always get lots of new readers by sharing information and my time OFF my blog.

    Whether I’m doing a LinkedIn article, or a Facebook Live event or anything else… when you leave your blog and find your target audience elsewhere… you can do things that interest them in becoming part of your regular blog audience.


    1. Hi Donna,
      You’re so right about that. Your blog is not the only avenue to offer value to your audience. They all gather on social media regularly to search for what’s trending and to interact as well. Using these channel to offer value to them is a phenomenal way to attract more readers and keep them.

      I appreciate your coming by and contributing to the conversation?!

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    Your paragraphs are fascinating; this is one I believe the most at the moment because that is how your blog post is looking like. That’s why subscribing to your blog is the best way to go for us here.

    1. Hi John,
      I’m happy you find this post valuable and useful to you and your content writers. More importantly, your stopping by and leaving a thoughtful comment is well appreciated. I will return the favor to see what you in there, and hope to see you again soon.

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