Do you have what it takes to create viral blog posts? Where and how do you start to make your blog posts go viral?

Do you have what it takes to create viral blog posts? Where and how do you start to make your blog posts go viral?

Many bloggers, freelance writers, and content marketers have always struggled to create viral blog content, which is why the above questions come to the fore.

Content marketing is a lucrative business and one of the main marketing strategy for B2B and B2C marketers, as well as startups companies.

To back this up… consider the following content marketing and blogging statistics:

  • Research revealed that companies that have websites with blogs generate more leads than companies without a blog.
  • B2B marketers who’re using blogs in their content marketing strategies attract 67% more leads than those not using blog posts.
  • 75% of B2B marketers say they’re more likely to use blog posts in their social media content marketing strategy.
  • 53% of marketers agreed that blogging is their top content marketing priority.
  • Marketers who make blogging their priority make 13x more positive ROI on their marketing efforts.

There’s more…

Do you have what it takes to create viral blog posts? Where and how do you start to make your blog posts go viral?

Source Image: Red Website Design

Although you might be struggling to create viral blog content, the truth is that many other bloggers are having tremendous success in crafting viral content.

Hence, the question is…

What are they doing differently that you’re not doing? What strategies are they using to write blog posts that go viral? Before we go deeper into this article, let us find out why you should always strive to make your blog posts go viral.

What are the Benefits of a Viral  Blog Post?

The benefits of viral blog content can never be over-emphasized. Here are just a few benefits. Viral content will you:

With these amazing benefits, it makes sense to strive to make your blog posts go viral once published.

But, as discussed above, your competitors are hitting it big with viral blogs, while you’re still trying to create your very first viral blog post.

So then …

How Can You Create Viral Blog Posts

In this article, you will discover proven strategies that have worked for others which you can apply today and start your journey to virality

1• Replicate What’s  Already Working in Your Niche

Replicating what is already working in your niche market calls for observation and focus on your part.

Put simply, you must be observant of the top-performing content in your industry and your blog and replicate them.

In other words …

Search for blog posts in your niche that have gone viral, study them carefully to find out why they went viral, and craft your own copy of the post.


How can you find the most shared blog content?

The best way is to use content research tools like:

  • BuzzSumo: This tool will show you the best performing content based on the keyword you entered, the most shared posts that have gone viral over time. It’s simple and easy to use.
  • Google Trends: As the name suggests, (which you may have known already) Google trends will give you trending topics in your niche according to your search query.
  • Google Analytics: Google analytics is a fascinating resource tool every blogger and freelance writer must be using no matter your industry. This tool will show you the top performing blog content for your inspiration, giving you blog topic ideas that will enable you to create viral blog posts.

These tools offer you the best platforms to find the most shared and most engaging blog posts.

For example, BuzzSumo works like Google as a high-performance research tool.

Thus, head over to Buzzsumo and search for any keywords you want to write about, it will give you the most share blog content based on your keywords.

Do you have what it takes to create viral blog posts? Where and how do you start to make your blog posts go viral?

From there you can filter or search through the result to find the most popular topic on that keyword to focus on.

The good thing about this strategy is that you’re not only going to find viral topics to write about, but you’re also going to get tons of blog topic ideas for your blog posts.

So, it is a two-way traffic, and a win-win process.

What is more…?

With Buzzsumo you have the option to sort your results by social media networks. For instance, let’s say you want to see the types of posts that are gaining momentum on Twitter. I’m using Twitter as an example because Twitter is my main social networking site.

In this case, just click on the “Twitter Shares” header, and Buzzsumo will do the job for you by sorting through the articles by the number of shares it has generated on Twitter. Now you not only have viral blog content to replicate, but you also have blog topic ideas for your next blog posts.

You also have the best content to share with your audience on Twitter. Further, if you want to use Google Analytics which is breathtaking and simple to use as well, here’s how to use this powerful tool.

2• Create blog content from Your Audience’ Perspective

One of the best ways to make your blog posts go viral is to put yourself in your ideal reader’s shoes.

Try to think from your reader’s point of view. When drafting your article, consider the following questions:

  • What issues are your blog post going to solve for your ideal reader?
  • Is the blog content going to resonate with your ideal reader?
  • Will your article be a solution to your reader’s needs and interest?
  • Etc.

There are many more questions for consideration, but let’s leave it at that for now.

Consequently, examine your ideal reader carefully by looking through the type of blog posts he is engaging with and sharing with his friends and followers.

The information will give you ideas for what blog content to bring to the table that will resonate with your readers.

Base on your findings, re-create what your ideal reader is engaging with and sharing with his audience.

I am convinced your blog posts will go viral.

Top 9 Epic Ways To Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral In 2019

3• Optimize Your Blog Posts for the User’s Reading Conditions.

Dame it! What am I saying? Is this some kind if joke…? No!

You can actually optimize your blog posts for the user’s reading conditions.

Here’s how to do it…

In many cases, your ideal reader is not always at home. He might be in one of these places:

  • At the office
  • Running some errands
  • Doing shopping
  • Hanging with friends
  • Searching for other things online
  • Etc.

He is definitely on the move and might not have enough time to read your articles.

This is where optimizing for the reader’s reading conditions comes in handy.

As a result,…

Make sure to get hold of your reader’s attention from the get-go with a compelling intro – an introduction that will piqué your reader’s interest right away.

If you’re unable to piqué his interest immediately and make him read further down your entire article, he will move on to another blog to search for what’s more interesting.

Here’s how to make your boring blog posts more interesting to read.

Your ideal reader wants to share interesting and useful content with his friends and audience as well.

So give him something to share…

If he finds your blog posts interesting from the start, he will share it with his friends, and even if he still cannot read the entire article at the moment, he will bookmark it for later reading.

That is how your content goes viral, because his friends too will share with their own friends as well, and the circle continues.

Thus, get hold of his attention right away to make him stop whatever he is doing and read your article.

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4• Publish on the Best Day of Week to Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral

The day you publish your blog posts can have a huge impact on its vitality.

Many bloggers and content marketers do not consider this when publishing content.

But it is a good thing you’re here reading this article…

Publishing content regularly is a fascinating content marketing best practices, but to skyrocket your reach and make your articles go viral, find the best day of the week to publish your articles.

Your being able to figure out the best day of the week to publish content is ideal because, more people will be online on the said day to see, read, and share your posts.

That’s vitality…

For example, this graphic by OkDork and BuzzSumo shows you how content published on different days of the week are performing.

Do you have what it takes to create viral blog posts? Where and how do you start to make your blog posts go viral?

Tuesday turns out as the best day of the week for publishing your blog post with the highest margin in social shares.

Monday is the second best day to publish your post and make it go viral.

Hence, take advantage of this graphic as a basis for your blogging and content marketing campaigns when publishing your articles.

5• Reach Out to Influencers in Your Niche about Your Blog Post Before and After Publishing

What’s the point of reaching out to influencers before writing your blog posts and after publishing your article?

Here’s why you should …

Before you set out to write blog posts that will go viral, it is important that you create a list of influencers in your industry whom you have built bonds with.

But, it is also essential to make sure your list has the names of only those who will agree to share your blog content once it’s published.

When you have your list in place, email them about the article you want to write.

In your email, tell them you’d like to feature them in your new article about, such as, “how email marketing can improve SEO.”

However, if the influencers you already know who are ready to share your post are not many, you might want to find and add more influencers to your list to beef up the virality of your content once it goes live.

What can you do in this situation?

Head over to Buzzsumo and search for the most shared blog content similar to the one you want to write about.

From your result, focus on the ones most relevant to your topic.

Then click on the “View Share” tab to see the people who’ve shared the content on social media.

Do you have what it takes to create viral blog posts? Where and how do you start to make your blog posts go viral?

These are people who will certainly want to share your content with their audience.

Add them to your list and start reaching out to them.

Connect with them immediately by doing the following:

  • Share their content on social media
  • Mention them on various platforms where they have a presence.
  • Like their posts
  • Comment on their blogs
  • And so on.

You can do this in a couple of days or a week. My friend Ryan Biddulph has emphasized this point a lot in almost all his posts because the strategy works like magic. You can read it here.

Thereafter, start sending them emails about your upcoming blog post.

For instance, let’s say you’re reaching out to Brian Dean of Backlinko, Neal Schaffer of Maximize Social Business, Zac Johnson of Blogging Tips, Ryan Biddulph of Blogging from Paradise, or Mike Alton of The Social Media Hat, Adam Connell of Blogging Wizard, Donna Merrill of Donna Merrill Tribe, Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging, Lisa Sicard of Inspire to Thrive, and Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips, to mention a few.

Your email could go like this:

Hi Brian,

I’m writing a blog post on “how email marketing can improve SEO,” where I interview SEO and email marketing experts about the best tips. I would like to include you in the article. Is that something you’d like?

Thanks a lot in advance for your time, as I await your response.

Best regards,

Your name.

The response will be incredibly amazing if your topic idea falls in their area of expertise.

Truth be told, when you finally publish your article, the influencers you featured will without fail share your blog post with their audience across social channels.

*Remember*: There is a reason they’re called influences.

They control the buying behavior of their target market, and if each one of them should share your blog content, there is no doubt it will go viral.

If you’ve not considered using influencers in your blogging and content marketing campaigns, please read this article.

6• Survey Your Audience to Create Viral Blog Posts

Conducting surveys with your audience is a top-notch way to make your blog posts go viral.

This strategy works amazingly well because your article is based on the responses from your ideal readership.

This resulting article is called, “User Generated Content” (UGC).

It has incredible power to make your blog content go viral in minutes.

Your target audience tells you what they want you to offer them in the form of a blog post, and you respond positively to their demands.

What better way to create a viral blog post.

Here’s how to conduct a survey…

With an idea of what your target audience might be interested in, head over to your preferred social media platform and create a poll.

Or preferably, go to relevant Facebook groups and list a few questions for your poll.

There is always an abundance of tools available for your use. A tool like Survey Monkey is a powerful tool for conducting surveys.

With Survey Monkey, you can send your survey questionnaires to your email subscribers as well.

Here’s a sample survey in the screenshot that was conducted by the Buffer team on the “best topic their audience enjoy the most” on the Buffer blog.

Do you have what it takes to create viral blog posts? Where and how do you start to make your blog posts go viral?

From the screenshot, you can see that the top content the Buffer’s audience want to see more of is;

A blog “content that will help their readers create and improve their social media marketing campaigns.”

That UGC content idea got 214 responses. In other words, over 71% of respondents want the same thing.

The topic idea that came second is “content that helps their readers with content creation and curation.”

The third is, they want “content that will enable their target audience better engage their social media fans.”

Logically, with this data in place, if Buffer’s content writing team should write and publish content around these topic ideas, what would the result be?

You already know the answer to that – viral content!

7• Use Google Analytics to Make Your Blog Posts go Viral

Inasmuch as you are conducting surveys to pinpoint the best content your readers want from you for maximum virality, you should also be using Google Analytics tools to maximize your efforts.

Here’s what Mia Vallo – Sr. Director, Marketing Analytics, National Geographic said about Google Analytics:

“Google’s analytics products has helped us improve engagement by 33% and click-through-rates by 21% for content promotions on our homepage.”  – Mia Vallo

Furthermore, the following tools are equally great:

  • Buffer
  • HootSuite
  • Statusbrew
  • UnfollowStats
  • To name a few.

These tools will track your social media activities, such as:

  • Mentions
  • Likes
  • Reshares
  • Trending topics

With these tools, you can find blog posts that are going viral with your followers.

The above-mentioned tools will also give you a complete analysis of what works and what doesn’t work with your buyer persona.

The results will help you create sure-fire blog posts that will go viral.

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8• Include a calls-to-action to Make Your Blog Content Go Viral

Are you using calls-to-action in your content marketing strategy?

Don’t answer that… but if you’re not, you should because you’re already losing out on the competition.

Calls-to-action is essential elements for any business.

These simple copies and buttons are the motivational force that urges people to take a certain action.

A call-to-action can move a person to:

  • Click through to your landing page
  • Sign up for your email list
  • Buy your product or services

These are just a few reasons why you should start using this tool.
For example, the study has proven that a simple call-to-action and increase conversion by over 470%.

Furthermore, Unbounce analysis revealed that 90% of website visitors who read your article’s headline also took the time to read your call-to-action copy.

Hence, the purpose of a call-to-action is to help users of your site know what action you want them to take. As a result, not using this epic tool will make you lose money.

*Important* One simple call-to-action can make all the difference in your content marketing campaigns.

But, to increase clicks and conversions, you have to optimize your call-to-action copy correctly.

Here’s a quick overview of how to design and craft your call-to-action copy as well as the best colors in this infographic by Wishpond:

Do you have what it takes to create viral blog posts? Where and how do you start to make your blog posts go viral?

9• Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral With Social Media Ads

Social media ads is incredibly effective if you must know. It is one of the most effective ways to make you content go viral.

It is easy and simple to do…

Simply search for your best-performing blog post and create an ads campaign with it.

Go to Facebook, which is relatively cheap, and create your campaign.

Here is how it work…

Access your Facebook analytics dashboard and search for your top-performing blog content, those that have high engagement, etc.

Head on to your Facebook page and click the drop down arrow at the far right corner of your screen.

This works for browser only. I tried it on my smartphone but could not find the drop down arrow.

Alternatively, if you must use your smartphone, then install the Facebook Ads Manager app.

From the from down menu, scroll down to locate the “Manage ads” tab. When located, click to open it and create “custom audience,” that will engage with your blog post.

Then, use the boost button on ads manager to promote your best blog content.

By engaging with your audience and responding to comments, you will be able to generate enough social proof.

This will make your blog content go viral like you never can imagine.

Here’s an ultimate guide to “Facebook Ads Manager” by Alfred Lua on the Buffer blog. This complete guide will help you learn the following:

  • How to use the “Manager Ads” to create Facebook ads.
  • How to manage your Facebook ads campaign.
  • And how to analyze your Facebook ads campaign.

Bonus Tip: Optimize Your Blog Post for Search Engine

Inasmuch as you optimize your articles for the reader’s reading conditions, do the same for search engine, as optimizing for SEO will boost your content visibility and social shares.

Much has already been written or said about how to optimize for SEO.

You will find this article useful for the best tips to optimize your blog posts for search engine – SEO.

And this article will also help you find the best SEO tools for content and website optimization to increase visibility, social media share, and Google rankings.

Hence, …

  • Write compelling copy with the use of keywords in the body of content to increase search visibility.

Here is how to craft an irresistible headline

Wrapping Up

To create a viral blog post is the primary goal of every blogger and content marketer. But not knowing how to go about it has become a hinderance to many.

We have outlined the top-notch ways that will help you make your blog posts go viral.

The tips here are tested and proven, so apply them in your content marketing strategy and see your blog posts go viral.

Please tell us in the comments section, the best tips you’re using to make your blog content viral.


Moss Clement

Moss Clement is a freelance writer & blogger. Founder of Moss Media and content manager at Writers Per Hour. He is working closely with B2B marketers - helping​ several startups grow their online presence in the digital marketing space. By delivering highly informative content pieces​, he has assisted small & medium-size businesses to build their online reputation and connect them with their buyer persona. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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Sagar Shah · October 13, 2018 at 11:04 am

Hey, Thanks for the article. Blogging is the best way to marketing your product and create awareness among the audience. This blog is helpful for blogger and content marketer. Thank you for the list of social media tools to monitors and better their performance. You have discussed some vital points which are worth taking note of.

Really a useful article…


    Moss Clement · October 16, 2018 at 4:45 pm

    Hi Sagar,
    You’re most welcome, and I’m glad that you like the article. Yes, the tools mentioned in the post are incredibly great. If you use them correctly, you will see an increase in engagement and traffic.


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The tips are very effective for making the blog as viral, while there are a lot of different ways to get the post go viral, your tips are something new and surely the blog post succeed. Yet I didn’t see the goal to go viral my thinking is to keep writing and hope one day its get viral, but now my turns start out. Thanks for the guide.!


    Moss Clement · October 11, 2018 at 10:27 am

    Hi Sathish,
    I agree with you that there are many ways to make your posts go viral, however, the tips here are tested and proven which you can apply right now and start seeing positive results. There are different goals in terms of vitality. Your goal of going viral with your content or blog post might be different from my goal. It’s all about personal preferences.
    For example;

    You might want your content to go viral in order to get noticed online

    You may want to create brand awareness

    You may want to increase email signup


    No matter your goal, making your blog posts go viral is a remarkable marketing strategy that will grow your business faster.


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    Hi Yam,

    You’re most welcome, and I also appreciate your reaching out via this medium. Yes, my booger friends have told me much about your “zest” platform, and although I’m yet to use it, I had to mention it based on recommendation from the experts. However, I will be sending an article for consideration .

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Tarique Amir · October 5, 2018 at 2:53 pm

Hi Moss,

I believe having a compelling headline will do a world of good in making the post go viral. The headline should be catchy and it should be able to raise the level of curiosity to compel visitors to read the content.

Thanks for sharing this post. Have a great day. 🙂


    Moss Clement · October 5, 2018 at 3:43 pm

    Hi Tarique,

    Yes, I agree with you completely. A curiosity-driven headline triggers the curiosity of visitors and move them to click to read your article, which is why a catchy and irresistible headline works pretty amazing.

    Thank you, my friend for your contribution.


Bikram Kalsi · October 5, 2018 at 1:38 pm

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Social media ads can be really helpful. If you narrow down your target audience, you can actually make a difference.

At our startup, we are constantly looking to expand to the new market and the best way to generate buzz and awareness is social media.


    Moss Clement · October 5, 2018 at 3:57 pm

    Hi Bikram,

    You’re right, my friend. With social media ads, your blog content can go places you never can imagine. Even though freemium social media promotion can help drive traffic and make your posts go viral, social ads will do a much better job because ads are targeted your to ideal readership. So when you send out your ads campaign, the result of your investment would be phenomenal.

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Bhawna Kaushik · October 5, 2018 at 12:36 pm

Hey Moss

You are right and this is certainly a cornerstone article. I think writing unconventional article have the ability to go viral. I have seen people do it. They would be writing about a topic which doesn’t have competition or anything.

Using other methods can also help.
Awesome article.
Have a good one


    Moss Clement · October 5, 2018 at 3:52 pm

    Hi Bhawna,

    Yes, an unconventional content can go viral, but it has to be tailored to a particular audience. That is why seasoned marketers segment of their audience based on interest.

    Other tip that can help make your content go viral which I will add later to the article to share your content on syndication sites such as:

    Growth Hackers
    Viral Cintent Bee

    These sites can easily take your content to unimaginable heights.

    Thanks a lot for coming by.


      Bhawna Kaushik · October 8, 2018 at 7:01 am

      Hey Moss,
      Thank you for such resourceful comment. I would certainly give these site a try and see how’s the turn around


        Moss Clement · October 11, 2018 at 1:05 am

        Hi Bhawna,

        That’d be great. You have nothing to lose. You just have to keep testing your own strategies as well.


Praveen Verma · October 5, 2018 at 7:33 am

The tips provided by you are very effective and it will help in making blog post go viral. It is not an easy task to make blog post go viral and there are many things to do to achieve better results. Our blog post must have ability to solve our reader’s problem. If we provide value to our readers through our blog post then they will surely share our post with their friends and audience.

Here, I like the tip #6 “Survey Audience to create viral blog post” and here you have explained how to conduct a survey. It will be the best way to get a topic idea for the next blog post. Social media ads is also an effective way to make content go viral.

Thanks for sharing this post.

Have a good day.


    Moss Clement · October 5, 2018 at 8:04 am

    Hi Praveen,

    I so glad that you like the article, and yes, there are many things one can do to make a viral blog post. Honestly, I intend to updates this article later to add more tips. However, I agree with you that surveying your audience I great because it offers you more blog topic ideas for you next blog posts and other to come. And when you listen to your audience and give them what they want in the form of blog posts, a solution to their pains, your content is surely going viral.

    Thank you, Praveen, do coming by and contributing to the discussion.


Cori Ramos · October 4, 2018 at 7:08 pm

Hey Moss,

Wow, this is an epic post my friend! You have shared some great tips and data to back it up!

It’s not easy to get a blog post to go viral. There is certainly a science behind it and the sweat of our brow. 😉

I’ve been using Google Analytics more. I still have tons to learn but I love the data we can pull from it. And Hootsuite also provides great data analysis.

Thanks for putting this post together! Hope all is well. 🙂



    Moss Clement · October 4, 2018 at 6:18 pm

    Hi Cori,

    It’s always good to have you here, and I’m glad you like the article. Yes, Google analytics and other content analytics tools like Hootsuit are great resources for generating insight about your marketing effort and as well get tons of blog topic ideas.
    As it is, Google analytics is a must-have tool for every blogger and content marketer.

    Thanks a lot, Cori for coming by and commenting.

Adrian Crisostomo

Adrian Crisostomo · October 4, 2018 at 3:27 am

Great content Moss! Going viral is such a difficult goal for websites. You make content that you think is good enough to go around the internet but it turns out to be a flop. Simple things like publishing time can really affect how your post would go. You can’t expect it to be viral in a snap. You have to do efforts as a blog owner and writer to make sure it goes around the web. Social media ads are a great investment.

If I may add to what you written, content curation websites such as and LinkedIn articles are a great way of sharing your articles to a targeted audience.

Love the numbers too! Well researched. Thanks for this Moss! Great effort.


    Moss Clement · October 4, 2018 at 9:10 am

    Hi Adrian,
    You are absolutely right about that and I appreciate your contribution. Syndicating your content to syndication site like, Growth Hackers, Bizsugar, etc is remarkably great and can easily get your article at the top.

    Thank for adding up to this discussion.


Dharmik Babariya · October 3, 2018 at 12:45 pm

Hey Moss,

What a great article! Sometimes when I publish my article and it hardly gets 20-30 views. I really don’t know about how to make blog post viral. Your post helps me lot. Keep doing great work as usual. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day!


    Moss Clement · October 4, 2018 at 9:20 am

    Hi Dhamik,
    You’re most welcome. I’m so happy this article is helpful to you. And yes, all you need to do is apply the right tips to your content creation promotion strategy, and your blog posts will go viral.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting.


Sajid Akhter · October 3, 2018 at 12:30 pm

Hi Moss,

Great post as usual. You have shared in-depth information in this post which is very helpful. Thank you for the list of social media tools to monitors and better their performance. You have discussed some vital points which are worth taking note of.

Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂


    Moss Clement · October 4, 2018 at 9:23 am

    Hi Sajid,
    I appreciate your kind words. The social media marketing tools listed here will help you analyze your posts in real time to see which one of your posts is getting the most traction. It’s more like using Google analytics. They all work in a similar manner.
    I’m glad you like the article, and thank you so much for coming by and contributing to the conversation.


Ryan Biddulph · October 3, 2018 at 12:16 pm

Moss this is a rocking guide because folks have no clue in Hades how much work and skill and practice goes into a viral post. No amateur does this. Only pros. Highly skilled pros, who spent years of their lives learning how to be blogging masters.


    Moss Clement · October 4, 2018 at 9:27 am

    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you so much for your kind words, I truly appreciate it bro. You are a pro-blogger and a top influencer in the blogging industry, that’s why I always mention you. You have sharpened your skills so much that you’re all over the internet on top blogs. I’m so glad you like the post, Ryan.

    Thanks a lot for your contribution to the discussion.


Sam Zaman · October 3, 2018 at 11:58 am

I think these is merely the part of process to market the content. Try identifying a problem that every second persons faces.

Follow it with a possible answer. The probability of going it viral depends on how close you are able to answer.

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