10 Actionable Steps That Will Instantly Increase Email Open Rate

10 Actionable Steps That Will Instantly Increase Email Open Rate

10 Tested & Proven Ways That Will Increase Email Open Rate

How have you managed to increase email open rate? Are you getting the desired ROI from your email marketing campaign? Does your email open rate sucks? Are you experiencing email open rates decline?

Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies that is helping marketers, brands, and businesses to grow their blogs faster and reach massive target audience.

It is credible, low-cost, and measurable.

A recent study by “The Radicati Group” on Email Statistics Report 2017 – 2021, reveals that email marketing campaigns will have a consistent growth.

The report foretells that 269 billion business and consumer emails will be sent every day during 2017, and by 2021 it will increase to 319.6 billion emails.

Hence, with this huge amounts of emails being sent each day, resulting in an influx of emails in our inboxes, many recipients are too reluctant to open their emails.

This has resulted in a low email open rate, or a decline in email opens, with many asking:

How can I increase my email open rates?

Here are 10 effective steps that will help you increase email open rate.

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1: Send Emails at The Right Time

In everything we do, including email marketing, timing is very essential. With the right timing, you will dramatically increase email open rate with less effort.

You don’t want your emails ignored, you want to make sure they get to your subscribers at the best times when they’re sure to open their emails.

To make sure you’re sending your emails at the right time, I recommend you do some email marketing research on your niche, as well as on your target audience to find out the best times when they open their emails.

In a study conducted by HubSpot of more than 20 million emails that were delivered over a period of 10 months, found that emails sent on Tuesdays had a higher open rate of 20℅.

They also discovered that a higher percent of emails get opened between 10:00am and 12:00 pm on weekdays.

Further analysis by MailChimp shows that in general, the best times to send emails are on weekdays and weekends as well.

How to Increase Email Open Rate

How to Increase Email Open Rate

The report points out that, the best time for most subscribers to open their emails is on weekdays, others on Sundays, and that Monday ~ Friday have similar percentage of open rate for other subscribers, while 10:00 am is best time of day for recipients to open emails.

How to Increase Email Open Rate

More studies reveals that the types of content sent has an impact on the recipient’s best time, his age, occupation, and location.

Therefore, test your own strategies to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Run some A/B test on your campaigns. This strategy will definitely increase email open rate and maximize your campaign.

When you get the needed information, coupled with your own test results, you’ll be in a good position to send emails at the best times when recipients will open them.

2: Use Compelling Subject Line

The use of compelling subject line is most important to the success of your email marketing campaign.

If your subject lines are not compelling enough, no one will open your emails.

“Whether we’re trying to connect with an executive, or sell a prospect, or simply to get a friend’s attention, our subject lines influence whether or not those emails get opened.” – Anum Hussain

A recent research reveals that based on email subject line, 69% of email recipients report email as Spam

Furthermore, the research points that subject lines alone account for 35% of email open rate.

So, take time to tweak your subject lines so as to create compelling subject lines that has the power to move recipients to action. The effect is you will increase your email open rate beyond imagination.

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3: Improve Your Email Preheader

A preheader has the capability to move recipients to open your emails or not.

But first…

What is an email preheader?

An email preheader is the short text summary that comes after the subject line of an email in your inbox.

It is well used by marketers and other email clients to provide recipients a picture of what the email contains.

Preheaders work similarly to subject lines. They give subscribers a glimpse of what they’re getting into. It tells them in nutshell what the email contains.

An irresistible preheader will definitely get your email opened right away, unlike a non catch preheader that has no force.

Do not use such terms as “if you can’t open this email, or if you can’t read this email, copy and paste on your browser, or use the web version.

I personally wouldn’t copy and paste, or try to go open a web in order to read emails from someone who’s pitching me his products and services.

“In my experience, we’ve implemented it (preheaders) on a many of campaigns and it’s raised email open rates, click-throughs, and reduced spam complaints.”
– “The Perfect Email Preheader/Johnson Box“, Email Design Review

4: Tell Recipients What’s In It for Them

As humans, we have a sense of curiosity which makes us always want to know what’s there for us in what we do and the things around us.

Before someone opens an email, the person would want to know what the content of the email is all about.

In this context, let your subscribers know the type of content that’s coming their way.

Help them understand, and also let them know how consistent they’ll be receiving emails from you.

To help you achieve that, create buyer personas and associate with them by sending emails that are customized to your recipient’s needs and problems.

Hence, creating buyer personas and telling them what’s in it for them will do more than increase email open rate.

How can I identify my subscribers needs and problems?

  • Spend time with them on a one-on-one chatting session.
  • Make brief calls and have meaningful conversations with them.
  • Ask them reasonable questions that will help you identify their problems and serve them better.

5: Grow Your Email List

Thrive Leads: Build Your Mailing List

This is a simple logic… The more email subscribers you have, the more your chances to get more email clicks and increase email open rate.

Therefore, make it a priority to start growing your email list today… This will help to improve your email open rates.

There are many tools in the marketplace that can help you with the workload. But I strongly recommend Thrive Leads Email List Builder.

This tool will simplify the process for you and help you grow a targeted email list faster than you imagine.

In fact, Thrive Leads is the most advanced email list builder, the best lead generation and conversion optimization plugin for wordpress in the market place.

Use this tool to build your list and get more email opens, or better still, higher email open rates.

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6: Be a Real Person

We love to interact with fellow humans. In this digital edge, the type of emails some marketers, businesses and brands are sending out to subscribers often portray them as robots.

Recipients do not always pay attention to such emails, or better still, they do not open them. Many go straight to spam folder.

To avoid that, make sure your email address is not something like this “info@yourcomapny, info@yourname, or any of a sort.

Use a real human feel email address.

It might be yourname@yourcompany,  yourname@gmail, aol, yahoo, etc. People will likely respond to these kinds of email addresses.

7: Personalize Your  Message to Increase Email Open Rates

Personalizing your email marketing is amazing because it let your subscribers know that you care about them.

And when they know that you care about them, they will definitely open your emails and effectively increase your email open rates.

Thus, let recipients know that the message is addressed to them personally. 

Expert research shows that customized emails increased transformation rates by 10℅, and navigation rates by 14℅.

It also indicates that emails with customized subject lines are 20℅ more likely to be opened.

As a result, use recipients names (first-name) on subject lines and greetings. You might also include it one or two places in the body of content.

“Personalization tokens are a huge digital asset for your email marketing strategy, so look for ways to apply them (tastefully) in your subject lines.” – Nitya Bhaskar

But please, be careful not to sound creepy as this may put recipients off.

8: Segment your email list to Increase Open Rate

This strategy will help you create emails that are appropriate for each group of your target audience.

What is segmentation, and why is it important to your email marketing campaign?  

Segmenting your email list simply means creating different groups of email subcribers.

It’s important because when you separate your lists, the various groups you’ve created will all receive different emails that are targeted to each group’s particular audience and their needs.

A segmentation statistics result by MailChimp shows that segmented email lists performed better with an increase of 14℅ in email open rate than non-segmented lists.

How to Increase Email Open Rate

Furthermore, a report by Lyris shows that 39℅ of those who segmented their email lists saw an increase in email open rate, 28℅ lower unsubscribe rate, and 24℅ better deliverability and increased ROI.

How to Increase Email Open Rate

There are more reasons why you should segment your email lists as seen on the screenshots above.

So, start segmenting if you haven’t started already to increase email open rate.

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9: Make your emails mobile responsive

Mobile marketing is the next big thing, as research revealed that about 67℅ of all emails are opened on mobile devices.

Hence, you have to make sure that your emails are mobile responsive, because almost everyone is on mobile device checking and sending emails.

As mobile internet users surpassed desktop users, the need for mobile responsive emails have never been more urgent. Take advantage of it and increase your email open rate.

10: Resend emails that were not opened

Why should I resend emails that weren’t opened?

Neal Taparia of Entrepreneur provides concrete reason why you should resend your emails that were not opened.

In a research they conducted, Neal and team found that resending emails that weren’t opened increased email reach by 55℅.

Noah Kagan, email marketing expert did the same thing as Neal Taparia, by resending emails that weren’t opened to his subscribers.

However, before resending those emails he changed the subject line and the result was phenomenal – an increase of email opens by 30℅.

So, try resending your emails that were not opened. It also saves you time.


Final Thoughts

Here we have them, 10 proven ways to increase your email open rate. There are many other ways to improve your email opens.

However, these 10 tips are sure-fire ways that’ll help you increase email open rate.

Which ones did I miss, which ones have you used, and which ones works well for you?

Please, tell us in the comments section below.

This article first appeared in Marketing and Growth Hacking publication on medium.

31 thoughts on “10 Actionable Steps That Will Instantly Increase Email Open Rate

  1. Hey Moss,

    Email Marketing is always considered as on and off. Many people say that it’s dead but it’s not.

    Personalising your emails always help. You should choose the feasible time to get higher open rates.

    You have done some research here. That’s really good.

    Have a good day.

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks a lot for coming by and dropping your honest comments. I appreciate that fact that you find thee article informative and useful.

      Thank you and have an awesome day!

  2. Hey Moss the information you share about email marketing was amazing and very helpfull also.Thanks for sharing your valuable knowlege to us.Keep up the good work.Best of luck bro…

  3. Hi Moss,
    I heard about E-marketing and read your post.. could you pls explain is there any category where E-mail marketing does not work ?

    1. Hi Shankar,
      I’m sorry it took me awhile to respond to your comment. But as far as email marketing is concerned in the digital marketing space, email marketing works on all sphere.
      All you have to do is build your list and maximize your email campaign.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi Moss,

    You’ve done great research here and it’s good you’ve included some stats. Email marketing is one of the best strategies for online marketing and I liked that this post featured ways of increasing open rates because sadly some emails don’t get read or received by the recipients. The schedule for sending mails is very helpful and something I’ve never thought of. Thanks very much for sharing!

  5. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks a lot for coming by and commenting. Rightly said, email marketing is an essential part of any online business. I’m happy the article is useful for you, and that you like it.
    You just mad my day Nancy.

    Once again, thank you so much!

  6. Hi Moss,

    Great post. You have shared some wonderful tips in this post. Sending emails at the right time is very important to increase the open rate.

    Thanks for sharing, have a great day. 🙂

  7. Moss great tips buddy. Love ’em all. I found that my shortest, clearest subject lines did the best job as far as increasing open rates. Goodness those rates jumped through the roof when I doubled down on keeping titles short, sweet and on topic.

    1. Hi Ryan,

      That’s a remarkable way to increase email opens, because no one want to read a long boring headline. But with a snappy compelling headline, recipients will click to find out what’s in it for them.

      Thanks a lot for adding to the conversation.

  8. Hi Moss, thank you for these tips. This is an area I do not stay consistent with. I love the idea of sending on Tuesday between 10-12. I will work on that for this week.
    Is that a frequency that works best Moss?
    I know some retailers send them several times per week. Every once in a while I do make a purchase through them.
    Great tips and I’ll be sharing these away!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thank you so much for adding to the conversation, and I’m happy that you like the article. As for he best frequency of sending your emails, data proves Tuesdays to be the best, but I will also suggest testing your own strategies to find the best days for you because, depending on your geo-location and other elements, what works for Mr. A might not work for you. For example, recent studies backed by incredible data shows that Mondays are the best for publishing new blog posts, few weeks a go another study from credible sources found Tuesdays, but according to my own test, I get lots of traffic anytime I up lush a new post on a Wednesday. So, it all about test, test, test, Lisa.

  9. Hey Moss,

    Awesome article. Email marketing is one of the most saturated methods of marketing. If you have great sorted data you could really hit the mark.
    On the other hand, if you are doing it on raw data things might get different.

    Impressive article.

    1. Hi Brain Pundit,

      I must fist congratulate you for your new logo, it looks great. Yes, email making is an integral part of digital marketing, it helps drive traffic and increase sales. But if you do not know the best email marketing practices, your efforts will not yield positive results. That’s why this article is timely for readers who are struggling o make their mark with email marketing campaigns. I love the idea of using data, it enables you to backup your claim and make your article more authentic.

      Thanks a lot for adding to the discussion.

  10. This article is very helpful and gave me the clear idea on how to increase the email open rate I would say you have deeply explained the science behind the email open rates and the ways that we can use the data in an actionable way. Thanks

    1. Hi Sathish,
      Thank you so much. I’m so happy you like the article. Email marketing is an integral part of digital marketing that low-cost and but very effective.
      However, some marketer are struggling to increase email opens, which is not good to business because they’re effectively losing money. When you increase your email open rates, you get drive more traffic back to your site, and improve sales. So how can you increase your email open rates? The article is timely as it answered the question.

      I so much appreciate your coming by and commenting.

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