Did you know? There are five elements of an epic blog post that will help you engage readers of your content. Do you want to know the five components that characterize an engaging blog post?

Much as there are components of a successful content marketing strategy, There are also the elements that make for an epic blog post your readers will love to read.

In this article, we will identify and discuss the five elements that’ll make your blog content a masterpiece.

Writing is an art, and to be able to write a compelling blog, you must learn the blogging skills that’ll improve your writing. Armed with such expertise, you will be able to write a masterpiece of content for your blog, businesses, and organizations.

Besides that, whatever content material you write falls under the five components of a compelling blog writing, which includes:

  1. The objective of your article
  2. Heading
  3. Introduction
  4. Body of Content
  5. The Conclusion

Hence, let us address these elements accordingly.

1: The Objective of Your Blog Post

Earlier, we stated that writing a terrific article is a skill you need to learn. Therefore, before you begin typing words into your word processor, you need to identify the objective of your content.

You have to outline your concepts in a creatively organized manner. It will become earlier for you to develop your ideas. In this way, the article would specify the overall purpose of the project matter, which, in other words, would help readers to find and solve their pain problems.

Writing is an art, and to be able to write a compelling blog, you must learn the blogging skills that’ll improve your writing and make you an expert. Click To Tweet

As a result, to write a remarkable blog post, you must first establish your readers. Knowing your target audience is vital since it will determine or decide how you write your article for optimal results. Moreover, the text will fluctuate or differ in accordance to your readers. But if done correctly, you will engage readers, and your blog post will go viral.

That is why you need to:

  • Find your audience
  • Identify your goals for the article
  • Develop your ideas

In addition, when establishing your thoughts, try to focus on topics that excite you – subjects your readers would love to read. It might be any of the following:

  • Parenting
  • Home decor
  • Self-improvement
  • Photography
  • And so forth

The concept is to discover what your audience wants to read and which fascinates you as well. With that in mind, let us move forward to the next component.

2: Heading

The headline or title of your material is critical to the success of your article. Put differently, the success of your essay relies on the distinctiveness of your title. That is because your heading is a window that gives readers a glimpse of what they would get when they click to read your content.

Thus, how can you write headlines that will engage readers and attract more clicks? There are several ways. For instance, you can choose the following headlines since they generate more clicks:

  • A promise-driven title
  • An ultimate guide
  • A headline that triggers curiosity
  • Etc.

For example, people love to receive something worthwhile. And if your headling promise to give them valuable materials, they will click your title to read the rest of your article to figure out the items you have for them.

When developing ideas for your blog post, try to focus on topics that excite you – subjects your readers would love to read. Click To Tweet

For this reason, you need to settle for an enchanting title that would connect your thoughts with the entire article and guarantee the best results. In simpler terms, select a headline that transmits your primary concept.

3: Introduction

How can you write a compelling introduction that will hook your readers right from the start? Obviously, you want your audience to click on your articles and read from top to bottom without bouncing. We all do!

However, your intro is a short paragraph or a few other passages that introduce your readers to the body of content for your main topic. Thus, you need to hook them from the beginning.

In consequence, to write a strong introduction, it is critical that you open your intro with a powerful sentence. The reason is that the millisecond your readers access your article, they could bounce immediately without reading further if your intro is not forceful enough to seize them.

5 Elements of An Epic Blog Post that will engage readers


From the diagram, you can see that the first few seconds a reader lands on your web page are crucial for the user to decide to continue reading or bounce – increasing your bounce rates. The is a high chance that he would leave if your intro is not compelling enough to engage readers in those first few seconds.

As a result, to keep your readers on your page and make them continue reading, a forceful sentence at the first lines of your introduction is vital to get a firm hold on them. Strangely enough, the target of the first sentence is to persuade the reader to read the following sentence, the next paragraph, and the next, until he reads the entire article.

Tips for writing a compelling first line introduction that will engage readers

Explain the content of your blog – You can use the first line of your sentence to create suspense by explaining what the material will provide the reader.

Ask a question – Using question in the first line of your intro is a fantastic way to captivate your readers and raise curiosity. The anxiety to find the answer will move them to keep reading.

Tell your reader an exciting story – Storytelling has the power to hook and engage readers immediately. Why? Because it can transport your audience to another world – the storyland, where they would accept things they will never have received in the real world.

The first few seconds, a reader lands on your web page are crucial for the user to decide to continue reading your content or bounce – increasing your bounce rates. Click To Tweet

As a result, since storytelling can seize your readers’ focus and make them feel what is going on in the story land, you need to use it in your intro’s first line to hook your audience down to the bottom of blog content.

5 Elements of An Epic Blog Post that will engage readers


When you are processing facts, for example, two sections of the brain becomes active. On the other hand, an exciting story can engage your readers and activate many additional areas of the brain.

Thus, if you can apprehend your audience from the beginning and make them digest your entire content, you are on your way to growing your readership several folds.

4: Body of Content

The body of material is where your whole topic ideas are resting; that is where you establish your story. Hence, while you were brainstorming your concept and objectives for the blog, I believe you made an extensive note and highlighted vital points that would stand out.

Therefore, select the essential concepts that stood out and develop on them. Put your heart into it and perform in-depth research to support your material.

There is a high chance that users will leave your site if your introduction is not compelling enough to engage readers in those first few seconds. Click To Tweet

With the data, you collected earlier, develop each major point until you have nothing more to add to it. Use illustrated graphs, statistics, examples, and other essential information (if available) to strengthen your blog post to engage readers.

Your readers will love you for that.

5: The Conclusion for Your Blog Post

The conclusion is where you summarize your entire article and sometimes with a call-to-action. It is typically short, precise, and connects to the title, your introduction, and the topic of your blog.

For instance, you highlighted the purpose of your material in the intro. And here at the conclusion section, you presented a summary of how your marked points compliment your topic and the content as a whole.

However, you must realize that the conclusion of your content is not only a summary of the points you presented. But it is also the last part of your article where you have to sum up your blog post in a convincing manner.

For this reason, try to create a definite conclusion that stresses all the main points and encourage the reader further. Nevertheless, if you are still not down with the ideas associated with writing compelling blog content, our team of expert writers here at Moss Media got you covered.

If you want to keep readers on your page and make them continue reading, a forceful sentence at the first lines of your introduction is vital to get a firm hold on them. Click To Tweet

5 Elements of An Epic Blog Post that will engage readers

Wrapping It Up

Here we have it; the five components that will assist you in creating a remarkable blog post that people will love to read. As you can see, you have an advantage over others. Why? Because there are several college students and other writers who are not conversant with these writing elements and tips.

Hence, the small tweaks to your writing matter a lot and will positively impact your essay and make you an authority writer. As a consequence, you will be able to make the reader stick from start to finish.

The segments and tips all add up to strengthen your article if you apply them properly; making each part an educational and entertaining experience for your readers.

What do you think? Will these essay writing components and tips help you write better articles and attract more readers to your content? Tell us in the comments below.


Moss Clement

Moss Clement is a freelance writer & blogger. Founder of Moss Media and content manager at Writers Per Hour. He is working closely with B2B marketers - helping​ several startups grow their online presence in the digital marketing space. By delivering highly informative content pieces​, he has assisted small & medium-size businesses to build their online reputation and connect them with their buyer persona. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.



Nikola Roza · June 24, 2019 at 5:59 pm

Great guide Moss,
I think the most important parts of any post are the headline and an intro. Because if you can get folks to start reading, then it’s hard for them to stop, provided that you give valuable info of course.
Master the intro and see your dwell time increase, and bounce rate decrease.


    Moss Clement · June 25, 2019 at 3:20 am

    Hi Nikola,

    You are right about that. Those two aspects of writing are critical in hooking your reader from the start to the end of your article.
    Thank you for your contribution.


Sajid Akhter · June 10, 2019 at 8:41 am

Great post. Headlines are very important as it helps you grab your reader’s attention. The body or the content engages your readers. It is vital to have content which is providing some kind of solutions to your reader. Once they find solution, they will come back for more.

Thanks for sharing, have a good day.


    Moss Clement · June 12, 2019 at 11:10 am

    Hi Sajid,

    I agree with you. If you can provide value to your readers with blog content, you will gain more readers and grow your blogging business. However, you need to understand the components that makeup and engaging content pieces. In that way, you will be able to craft irresistible materials.
    Thanks a lot for coming by and commenting.


Shamsudeen Adeshokan · June 9, 2019 at 5:32 pm

Hi Moss,

Recently I edit the words in one of my old post headlines and re-share it on social media and content curation sites. Surprisingly, the post did well in terms of traffic and engagements than when I first publish it with the previous headline title.

Headlines are very powerful and as you put it, is the window that readers will see to decide either to read the rest of the content or not.

Thanks for sharing, Moss.


    Moss Clement · June 12, 2019 at 11:42 am

    Hi Shamshudeen,

    Thank you so much. I’m happy that you find the article helpful as well as agree with the tips. Yes, headline plays a crucial role in the success of your content marketing tactics. If you craft compelling titles, people will click to read. But if your headings are nothing to take home, you will lose your readers. Moreover, I published a new post yesterday about Twitter marketing and also emphasized the need for creating more catchy headlines.
    Please check it out. Thank you for coming by and adding to the discussion.


Lisa Sicard · June 9, 2019 at 1:19 pm

Hi Moss, I have to work more on my introductions going forward. I especially liked your tips on that section. I also need to work more on the emotions 🙂 Thank you!
I would add video to your tips here. I’ve been doing more videos here and there and putting them on the blog posts via YouTube. You’ll be seeing more of that soon.


    Moss Clement · June 12, 2019 at 11:46 am

    Hi Lisa,

    That would be great, Lisa. Videos are taking over as they’re more engaging. Moreover, I happy that you like the article.
    Thank you so much for coming and commenting.


Ryan K Biddulph · June 7, 2019 at 12:18 am

Great job Moss. Picking powerful titles is a serious skill. One needs practice to see what works, and also, follow pro bloggers like yourself. Adding emotion works well for me, with colorful adjectives and power verbs.


    Moss Clement · June 8, 2019 at 12:21 pm

    You’re right, Ryan. Your heading is the first element that visitors will see on your site, So, it’s paramount to pick a catchy headline. And then use verbs to make your title and content more forceful. The result will be a terrific blog that engages your readers.
    Thanks a lot for coming by and commenting.


Cori Ramos · June 5, 2019 at 2:21 pm

Hey Moss,

These are great tips! It took me a while to learn this when I started blogging, my posts were a mess back then, lol!

I have to say for me, the heading is the most important element since that is what’s going to draw in readers.

No doubt I’m sharing this! Hope all is well Moss. Oh and I love the new look of your site!

Happy hump day my friend!


    Moss Clement · June 6, 2019 at 12:45 pm

    Hi Cori,
    I’m so glad that you like the article, and thanks for the compliment. Yes, headlines are the first elements that visitors will see, and it is the key to drawing users to your blog or website. Thank you for your contribution.

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