6 Key Components of a Successful Content Marketing Campaign?

6 Key Components of a Successful Content Marketing Campaign?

Components of content marketing

Content marketing is undeniably the best digital marketing asset with the potential to easily skyrocket your business, if done correctly.

To back this claim, recent study shows that content marketing  generates more than 3× as many leads as outbound marketing, and cost 62% less.

Outbound marketing is less effective when compared to content marketing because it is more of promotional messages, ads copy that only tries to promote a brand to consumers.

Further studies by HubSpot shows that 53% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority.

In the same article, companies that are publishing over 16 blog posts per month saw a boost of 3.5× more traffic than those publishing 0-4 blog posts per month.

Consequently, companies that published more than 16 blog posts per month, according to the research saw an increase of 4.5× more leads than their counterparts that published 0-4 blog posts per month.

With these staggering numbers, many marketers are wondering and, trying to figure out the best components for a successful content marketing campaign.

Interestingly, there are many components that can help you execute a successful content marketing strategy.

Please, ensure to read the entire article to discover the best components for your marketing campaign.

Here are a few key components you must consider while creating your content marketing campaign.

#• Establish a strong brand image

Create a strong brand image that will appeal to and, have a powerful effect on your target audience.

This step calls for you to consider the following:

  • Brand name
  • Tagline
  • Website URL
  • Hashtag
  • Website design, etc.

My brand name – Moss Media, for instance, denotes a mass communication outlet that is involve in every broadcasting and narrowcasting services.

Which means, Moss Media broadcast its information via the following medium:

  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Magazines
  • Direct emails
  • Blog post publishing, etc.

As a result, my target market or audience know that when they visit my site, they are sure to get the information they need via the above mentioned mediums.

The idea is to help your target market know what to look for when following your brand.

How about your URL? MostlyBlogging.com is the URL of Janice Wald’s website. The URL clearly tells visitors to her site that they will mostly get information about blogging, blogging tips, tools and resources about blogging.

Thus, creating a strong brand will help you build a target following and significantly grow your business.

#• Create a content editorial calendar

In order to implement a successful content marketing strategy, it is important to create an editorial calendar. Depending on your approach, you can either create a weekly, monthly, or annual calendar.

This is necessary because it will help you map out your content strategy which includes but not limited to, content creation, schedule, distribution, and assigning content in a transparent editorial calendar that will create an amazing visibility and coordination across different initiatives.

It will allow you and your team to focus on what is important.

Furthermore, an editorial calendar will help you to work smoothly even when working on multiple projects – in terms of identifying deadline and other important factors.

Components of content marketing

#• Pinpoint the purpose of your content

As you may already know, content marketing is the creation and distribution of content to attract and retain your audience and customers.

However, to implement a successful content marketing campaign, you need to identify the purpose of the content you’re creating.

Consider the following:

  • Do you want to create brand awareness?
  • Drive traffic to your website or business page?
  • Do you want to grow your readership?

You have to pinpoint the reason for the content you’re creating.

The bottom line is to tell your brand story in ways that will resonate with your targeted audience and clientele.

#• Identify your target market

Components of content marketing

Yes, you cannot be creating and sharing content randomly without knowing who you are writing and marketing to, which is why it is important that you identify your buyer persona.

How can I identify my target market?

To help you identify your target market, use data from social media analytics or Google analytic. Personally I’m using Google analytic to see who your buyers are, such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Demographics
  • Who is engaging with your content
  • The topics that interest them most
  • What content type they love to engage with and share with their friends, etc.

Use the information you collected to create content that are tailored to the needs of your target market.

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But if you’re new to Google analytics, please, read this article for how to use Google analytics tool.


#• Identify your customers’ journey

Why is this necessary? Because all the content you create will not have the same effect on all your target customers – your customers are in different stages of their journey, so they need different content for different needs.

Yes! It is true that we often advice bloggers to identify the pain problem of their target audience and create content that solves those problems.

It is a remarkable way to write or create viral content.

But it is also true that you cannot create content that will solve all their problems, because as mentioned earlier they’re in different stages of their marketing journey.

For instance, 2 of my LinkedIn followers are bloggers with different blogging problems… I will not use real names so as to protect their privacy.

Mark is a newbie blogger who wants to know how to rank high on Google with a non self-hosted Google blogger website.

Sandra have been blogging for a couple years on a self-hosted website but, want to know the best tips to land guest posting opportunities on authority sites.

As you can see, both are my target market with different needs that must be addressed accordingly.

Thus, creating one piece of content that solves Mark’s problem will not solve Sandra’s problem, because they’re in different stages of their journey.

Accordingly, you need to identify your customers’ journey and create content for all stages of their journey.

This way, you will not only solve their problems, but also convert them to loyal customers.

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#• Choose the best content promotion & distribution channels

How you distribute content to your audience is critical to your marketing success.  

What distribution channels work best for you?

You need not be everywhere, instead, figure out the most effective distribution channels to get your contents out to your readers and customers.

There are many distribution and promotion channels that can help you in this regard, such as:

  • Advertising
  • Direct emails
  • Guest Posting
  • Social media sharing
  • Sponsored posts, etc.

The point is to get your content out to your target audience when they’re sure to engage with it.

However, despite the many distribution and promotion channels available, I suggest using social media, email marketing, and guest posting because they’re cost effective.

But if you have the budget, then you can go for sponsored post, ads, ppc, etc.

Remember, you don’t have to be on every social media platform simply because you want to get your content out. First, analyze the platforms to know which ones works best for you and focus on those.

For example, I’m getting more traction from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. As a result, I’m spending more time on these sites than the others.

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Components of content marketing

About the author

About the Author

Moss Clement is a blogger and digital marketing freelance writer, social media & content marketer who blogs here at Moss Media. He is a regular contributor at RankWatch, ProvenSEO, Rocks Digital, Inspire to Thrive, to name a few, and has been featured in many other websites and publications including: Statusbrew, Blogging From Paradise, Mostly Blogging, Arts & Marketing, etc. He is helping businesses and individuals generate leads, increase engagement, and grow their business by delivering consistent high-quality content that are tailored to the needs of their audience.

Connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

17 thoughts on “6 Key Components of a Successful Content Marketing Campaign?

  1. Janice has an awesome domain name. Mostly Blogging. No confusion on that one. I picked a cool one too; folks see someone Blogging From Paradise easily. Paradise means different things for every person but palm trees and green and selfies on a quick site visit aligns folks immediately.

    Excellent post my friend.


    1. Hi Ryan,
      I agree with you bro, Janice picked an amazing URL for her website. And yours is remarkable as well because paradise highlight many different things that makes a garden amazingly beautiful.

      Which means that your target audience are already aware that when they visit your site, they’re sure to get a variety of content types such as videos, podcast, etc that will add value and make their lives beautiful.

      Thanks for coming Ryan?!

  2. very informative post. I will use the suggestions discussing here for optimizing my new blog site.This post will be very helpful for the beginner SEO worker who are new in this field.
    Keep posting this type of helpful post.
    With best wishes.

    1. Hi Richard,
      It is great to have you here. I’m so glad you like the article and that you find it valuable to your blogging career.

      Thank you for coming by and hope to see more of you.

  3. Hey Moss,

    You have nailed all the crucial aspects of making content marketing work. The key components indeed – and most bloggers simply ignore these crucial aspects and just go on creating content day in and day out.

    This is a rather tiring strategy that gives a false notion that all the content creation efforts go wasted.

    Thanks for the wonderful tips!


    1. Hi Jane,
      You are right on target as well. As mentioned, many bloggers ignore these important aspect of content marketing which has lead them not to see or improve their ROI.

      Being able to identify and implement these elements will surely boost your marketing campaigns and increase ROI.

      Thank you Jane for coming by.

  4. Hi Moss,
    I am so flattered! My husband helped pick my blog’s name. I’ll tell him you think Mostly Blogging is a good choice. I agree; it definitely brands me which is what I wanted.
    I have shared on Twitter. Thank you!

    1. Hi Janice,
      The is a good reason why they say “two heads are better than one.” You and your husband came up with such a unique brand name for your online business. A name that has attracted much attention.

      In fact, Ryan Biddulph also agreed that your domain name is ideal.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing as well.

  5. Hey Moss,
    Identifying a target market is the key point to content marketing and I’m glad you underlined this.

    One big reason most marketers fail is the fact that they don’t identify their market and the problems to resolve. Some are just throwing their feet in the dark, hoping to grab something from the broad and endless surface. They are simply relying on some luck 😉

    Thanks once more for the educative post.

    1. Hi Enstine,

      Yes! You’re absolutely right about Enstine. When you’re busy throwing off target blows, you certainly will be striking the air. Thus, knowing your target market will help you create the right content that will resonate with them.

      Thank you for coming by, and hope to see you more often.

  6. Hi Moss,

    This article is a great read. You have really addressed the most vital issues. It is interesting to note that frequency of posting has such a strong impact on traffic and the number of leads one gets.

    We need to start with a very clear view of our target audience and their needs. Also they have different needs in different stages of their journey and we need to create content for all the stages.

    Thanks for sharing the great insights with us. Have a great day!


    1. Hi Naveen,
      Yes, I agree with you. The frequency of blog publishing has a remarkable impact on SEO and traffic.

      More is that we as bloggers are in different stages of our journey. Even pro-bloggers are all at different stages, as well as newbie bloggers. If we are able to address the issues bothering them, we are certain to convert them as loyal customers.

      Thanks for stopping by and go your beautiful comments.

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