How can you improve your chances of finding freelance writing gigs? One of the best ways to land more remote Freelance writing jobs online is to build your credibility as a freelance writer. It shows potential clients that you’re the go-to for their writing projects.

However, the main challenge many freelance writers are facing is how to build credibility, especially for new writers. You need to put in much effort to establish trustworthiness among prospective clients. Nonetheless, if you’re working for an influential marketer or brand, they can certify your credibility.

Your certification will help you land more freelance writing gigs. But since you’re new to freelancing with no experience, how can you increase your credibility as a freelance writer to find high-paying freelance writing jobs online?

This article offers practical tips you can apply today to improve your credibility s a freelance writer. But first;

freelance writing gigs

The main challenge many freelance writers are facing is how to build credibility, especially for new writers. Click To Tweet

Why Is Credibility So Important to Freelance Writers?

As an online freelance writer, your writing success relies more on credibility as it will help you in attracting new freelance writing jobs online. Also, it will enable you to retain existing clients. Reliability is so important for freelance writers since it allows you to establish trust with prospects.

It can take time; however, but it is doable. Moreover, clients need to understand that you’re a trustworthy writer who can add value to the reader and help grow their business. In other words, your freelance writer’s credibility is vital because it will aid you in landing more freelance writing gigs.

Potentials clients sensed that you’re credible, they contact you, and boom! You get a freelance writing job online.

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Set Up A Professional Website to Boost Your Credibility and Attract Online Freelance Writing Jobs

I read several articles encouraging newbie freelance writers to start writing on third-party websites like Medium, LinkedIn Pulse, etc. It is not a bad idea, but when it comes to building your credibility, you need to create a professional website where you can direct potential clients.

Your blog is your online space where prospective clients can quickly evaluate your work and contact you if they’re satisfied. For example, I get steady inquiries from prospects via my site’s contact page who want to work with me on freelance writing remote jobs.

So your professional blog or website will present you in a positive light and get you hired. Moreover, you don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to create a breathtaking website. When I started, I knew nothing about building a website and everything in-between. But have a look at a simple looking site I created for my business.

It only takes the value of a cup of coffee and a little time on your part to create a website on WordPress. Then, regularly add content to your blog, create pages for your portfolio and testimonials, and start attracting clients for freelance writing remote jobs.

The beauty of having a professional website is that several clients who always want to look up your experience may overlook it because of having a blog. Why? Because your site presents you as an expert in your industry. So, do not hesitate to set up your blog.

*Important* You can start your freelance writing career on Medium, LinkedIn,, Google Blogger, etc. But with your own blog, potential clients will see you differently – as an authority.

Putting in much effort to establish trustworthiness among prospective clients will aid you in landing more remote freelance writing jobs. Click To Tweet

Build Credibility by Providing Value Through Your Blog

You have successfully created a brand new website to help you build trust and attract online freelance writing jobs; what’s next? You need to create content frequently to establish yourself as an expert writer in your industry.

You don’t be a jack of all trade; thus, choose a topic or two you’re conversant with and start writing on the subjects. Write in-depth blogs that add value to the reader. It will make you more credible to your audience and prospective clients.

Visitors and users of your blog will have no choice, but to acknowledge that you know your topic well enough. And if they want to outsource online freelance writing gigs, they’ll offer you the job. Hence, your blog serves as an avenue for providing value to your readers.

You also make money blogging via different monetization strategies.

In this way, you can increase your freelance writing income significantly.

Collect Testimonials to Build Credibility and Land More Freelance Writing Gigs

Clients’ testimonials are so crucial to your writing success because they enhance your credibility and boost your expertise. How? Testimonial amplifies your reputation as a credible writer in your industry. It shows the trust and satisfaction of other clients you have worked with on different projects.

Here is a sample testimonial on my site by Usman Salman of Mondovo;

freelance writing gigs

Did you know? Some of my clients have referred their contacts to me for remote freelance writing jobs. Strangely enough, consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations, especially when it is coming from those who have paid for your services. So, start collecting proof of your expertise as testimonials to showcase on your site.

Reach out to those you have worked for, including where you published guest posts and ask them to write testimonials to use on your blog. They serve as a powerful voice of satisfied customers and convey the legitimacy of your freelance writing expertise.

You can start your freelance writing career on Medium, LinkedIn,, Google Blogger, etc. But with your own blog, potential clients will see you differently – as an authority. Click To Tweet

Build Credibility by Embracing Your Writing Personality to Land Freelance Writing Gigs

Embracing your personality in this context means sticking to your writing style, let your personality reflect in the content you write. Nobody is an island, and we all write differently. The way I write differs from your writing style.

You don’t want to sound like a robot, but a human. However, you may think that you don’t need a writing personality, but you’re wrong to feel that way. Embracing your writing personality will show that you are a skilled freelance writer who has mastered his craft.

Many have the idea of copying the writing personality of other writers, but that is not a good idea. Even though i is exciting to learn from them, try to create your own pattern and stick to it. Use the writing style of others before you as an inspiration to strengthen your personality.

Do I get asked by would-be clients if I can write blog posts in the style of Neil Patel and Brian Dean? In my response, I say something like;

Would you be so kind as to have a look at my writing samples. It will help you decide if I’m a good fit for the job.”

Then I add a link to my portfolio. You would be happy to know that prospects are impressed with your writing style. See screenshot below:

So don’t be scared to embrace your writing personality. Write in your voice and don’t try to force someone else’s writing style. You already have an audience who reads your posts because they love your tone. Don’t disappoint them!

Write in-depth blogs that add value to the reader. It will make you more credible to your audience and prospective clients. Click To Tweet

Deliver Clients’ Work On or Before Deadline to Attract More Online Freelance Writing Jobs

When you get a new client, how do you deliver your work? Do you wait until after the expected submission date before you submit your work? It makes you look unserious and untrustworthy. It is one of the quickest ways to lose clients.

Therefore, endeavor to deliver your work on time. Make sure your material is proof-read, well structured, and proof-read. You can use blog writing tools to help you identify spelling and grammatical errors. A well-edited article helps editors save time.

It will earn you the respect of the editors and clients you’re working with, and also assist you in finding more freelance writing gigs. You will attract referral offers from satisfied clients and editors for online freelance writing jobs.

Reliability is so important for freelance writers since it allows you to establish trust with your audience and prospective clients. Click To Tweet

Wrapping Up

For those new to freelance writing business, building credibility is an on-going challenge. But you can do it. I encourage you to put more emphasis on building your freelance writer’s credibility to enable you to land more freelance writing remote jobs.

It is even more critical now that the competition to acquire online freelance writing jobs is intense. So, give prospective clients a reason to trust you and outsource freelance work to you. I will like to hear your thoughts on the subject.


Moss Clement

Moss Clement is a freelance writer & blogger. Founder of Moss Media and content manager at Writers Per Hour. He is working closely with B2B marketers - helping​ several startups grow their online presence in the digital marketing space. By delivering highly informative content pieces​, he has assisted small & medium-size businesses to build their online reputation and connect them with their buyer persona. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.



Amar Kumar · October 16, 2019 at 6:54 am

Hello Moss,

What I experience till now – best way to show you, know your stuff is to be an excellent writer, particularly if you’re trying to prove credibility in the technical writing field.

Impeccable grammar, non-wordy style and the ability to simply explain complicated processes will be invaluable here. The ability to provide insights on topics that others haven’t yet covered shows you have the potential to be a thought leader in a certain subject matter.

It shows creativity and critical thinking that sets you apart from the routine blog posts, white papers, and newspaper articles that scatter the internet and print publications.

Credibility cannot be achieved in one day. The most credible writers are typically older with more experience, and oftentimes, the journey to achieving authority is a matter of being patient and learning as you go.

Eventually, thanks for exploring these points in deep – found learning in characteristic.

With best wishes,

Amar Kumar


    Moss Clement · October 17, 2019 at 10:51 pm

    In all areas of life, the learning process continues. Even seasoned writers keep learning and honing their skills. Writing is a creative art that lets you use words to connect with people. Moreover, building credibility is not all about writing; the way you structure your materials also plays a vital role in boosting your writer’s authority.


Lisa Sicard · September 6, 2019 at 8:43 am

Hi Moss, I can’t imagine not having your website if you are freelance writer. There is no better way to showcase your writing than having a blog! It does give you more credability by having your own site and a place you can share your testimonials from too.
I do get lot of referrals from my clients and having my site to show people where I do business is a great way to show proof. Thanks for your tips Moss and have a wonderful day!


    Moss Clement · September 6, 2019 at 10:14 am

    Hi Lisa, I’m happy that you like the article and agree with the tips on here. Starting a freelancing career on someone else’s space is not the best option because your given area is not guaranteed. For example, Medium might choose to delete your account permanently. Or and Google Blogger may take similar steps and cancel your accounts. Then you’ll lose everything and have to start from scratch.
    Thank you for your input.


Nikola Roza · September 4, 2019 at 6:27 pm

Great article Moss,
I’m a freelance SEO writer and I agree with everything you said, especially about having your own website to represent your writing and brand.
Don’t write on rented property, own your future.
I remember I started on
Because I didn’t have the money and didn’t want to invest in a self-hosted blog. I got zero clients for full 3 months, even though I was doing cold outreach like crazy, sending like 10-20 emails per day.
Then I wised up, got hosing and built my professional site, and just copied my samples from my free site to the one I have now.
The result? In a week, I got my first writing gig.
So there you go, own your brand!


    Moss Clement · September 5, 2019 at 10:34 am

    That is awesome, Nikola. Having your own blogging space presents you as an expert in your industry, which helps you to build your credibility. In fact, you get prospective clients reaching out to you via your blog for other projects besides writing. Such as link placement, expert roundups posts, etc. It all adds up to boost your trustworthiness.
    Thank you for contributing to the conversation.


Gaurav Kumar · September 2, 2019 at 7:22 pm

To make a successful career in freelance writing it is necessary to understand your skills, weaknesses, fixes, methods, tools and tactics. It is also important to understand that what is your writing style and how you can monetize your style by improving skills.

Your already published content will help you here. Such content is very useful tool to grab the attention of the clients and showcase what you can do and how you can do.

Keep sharing more!


    Moss Clement · September 2, 2019 at 9:20 pm

    Hi Gaurav,
    I appreciate your contribution to the discussion. It is evident that for one to become a successful freelance writer, the person must improve his or her writing skills. And that does not only mean how to write but also how to use essential writing tools.
    For example, some clients might ask a writer to create blog content and post it directly into his CMS. If the freelance is not conversant with the software, he will lose the job. It applies to every other writing tool.
    The point is for freelance writers to enhance their ability in whatever way possible. Thank a lot for coming by. I appreciate it.

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