How to Boost The Credibility of Your LinkedIn Profile

How to Boost The Credibility of Your LinkedIn Profile

How to Boost the credibility of your LinkedIn profile

Over the years, LinkedIn has become an incredible social media marketing hub, so much so that optimizing your LinkedIn profile to boost your credibility is now crucial to the success of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

LinkedIn offers users – business owners, marketers, and industry leaders the opportunity to showcase their expertise, connect with other professionals, and grow their businesses.

Even from a distance, one can clearly see that LinkedIn is unarguably the #1 social media marketing platform for B2B marketers. Why?

Because 80℅ of B2B leads comes from LinkedIn.

In fact, a study reveals that 79℅ of B2B marketers view LinkedIn as an effective source for generating leads.

Better still,  over 90℅ of B2B marketers are leveraging the platform over all other social media platforms to grow their businesses.

So, the question is:

Why are you struggling to generate leads from LinkedIn?

You and many other marketers are struggling to generate leads from the platform because of your inability to create an outstanding LinkedIn profile that boosts your credibility.

Having a credible LinkedIn profile will gain you the trust of your prospects, and set you up as an expert in your niche market.

Thus, you need to boost your LinkedIn’s profile fast to start generating leads.

How can I boost the credibility of my LinkedIn profile?

There are many ways to boost your LinkedIn profile.

In this article, you will learn the best tips that will help you boost the credibility of your LinkedIn profile, drive tons of traffic to your website or product page, and effectively become a credible expert in your niche market.

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#1• Customize the URL of your LinkedIn profile

All social media profiles including LinkedIn comes with a unique URL specifically for you or your business account. That is your brand.

Whether you realize it or not, your LinkedIn profile is the foundation for your personal brand.

Even though customizing your LinkedIn URL does not seem to be significant, it signals your brand image and gives your prospects a positive concept of brand.

For example, how would your prospects view your URL if it randomly reads like this: That is not a branded URL.

With that, you don’t have a brand identity, and cannot be found so easily in searches.

On the other hand, what if your URL reads like this:, or

Now you have a credible unique brand identity that can be trusted.

How to edit your LinkedIn profile URL

Simply click on the “Edit public profile” button on the right sidebar > click the pencil icon, find and edit your URL as desired.

#2• Choose the right profile image

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that offers users the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and professionals to build both personal and business relationships.

These relationships will go a long way in helping you with the following:

  • Establish your brand
  • Create brand awareness
  • Generate leads
  • Boost traffic
  • Grow your business, etc.

The list goes on, but you are aware that you cannot achieve all these without having a brand identity. That is why you need to choose a unique profile picture for your LinkedIn profile.

Your profile picture is the brand image that introduces you to your prospects and the world at large.

People want to know and connect with you before deciding whether to partner with you in business or on projects. So, give them a reason to do business with you.

Hence, depending on the quality of your image, your profile might give your prospects a negative or positive impression about you and brand.

Nobody wants to be a bad guy in front of his customers.

You can use a personal image or your company’s logo. Just be sure that it is a clear cut image that represents your brand in the best possible light.

#3• Add & customize your background / banner image

Does a background image play an important role in the credibility of your LinkedIn profile? Yes, it does!

Because profile picture, your background image is basically the first components on your profile that people will see when they visit your LinkedIn profile.

If you may already know, your LinkedIn profile is your real estate on the platform, and your background space is your drawing board for marketing.

As a result, a unique background image will help you:

  • Stand out
  • Build a personal brand
  • Create a portfolio
  • Establish credibility
  • Attract the right prospects
  • Engage your audience, etc.

Here are some sample profiles to inspire you.

How to Boost the credibility of your LinkedIn profile

Neal Schaffer is a social media marketing influencer, social media strategist, business consultant, author, keynote speaker, and educator.

Neal used his LinkedIn banner or background section to build his brand identity, establish credibility, and create a mini portfolio, which has helped him attract the right prospects and scale his businesses.

His background image tells visitors who he is, what he does best, and shows his published books as an accomplished author.

How o boost the credibility of your LinkedIn profile


Lolly Daskal, a renowned leadership executive coach, keynote speaker, and best selling author.

Lolly recently published her book “The Leadership Gap” which has garnered much attention from industry leaders, experts, and media outlets.

She made her profile unique by establishing credibility as a leadership expert, and create a mini portfolio by using her background space to showcase her book and a testimonial of what other experts are saying about her book.

How to Boost the credibility of your LinkedIn profile

Ravi Chahar is a WordPress professional, web developer, and web designer. Ravi used his background space to build a brand name and establish credibility.

How to Boost the credibility of your LinkedIn profile

Donna Merrill is a professional blogger and Internet marketing coach. She didn’t display much on her background space.

But, just like a billboard, she used her space to build her personal brand, and direct prospects to her online empire, “”

How to Boost the credibility of your LinkedIn profile


Sharon Atkins is a LinkedIn professional, LinkedIn trainer, specialist, and profile writer.

What do you see in her background space?

Without going down her summary section, you already know who she is and what she does. This helps her attract the right prospects.

Learn from these sample profiles and others as well.

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#4• Optimize the headline of your LinkedIn profile

It is essentially important to optimize your LinkedIn profile headline because it is the 3rd element of your profile that visitors will see.

Hence, it will help tell search engine and visitors to your profile that you are trusted and credible.  

Therefore, optimize your headline to boost the credibility of your LinkedIn profile by adding your job title with a blend of relevant keywords.

Please, take a look at the sample profiles in the section above for inspiration on how to optimize your headline.

#5• Take advantage of your LinkedIn profile summary section

View your summary section as a place where you pitch to clients and prospective customers.

But, it is ironic that many users of the platform fail to utilize the summary section of their LinkedIn profile.

Create a remarkable summary that highlights or describes your services in detail.

If possible, include testimonials of clients you have worked for and people you have worked with on projects.

Use this section to sell yourself but, without being pushy.

Simply let your prospective customers know why you’re different from your competitors and the benefits of working with you.

Don’t forget the Media Section. Use the Media section to showcase your talent and personal achievements. Upload accomplished work, videos, etc.

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#6• Add your skills and get endorsements

When you’re done with your summary, head over to the “Featured Skills & Endorsements” section and fill out your skills accordingly.

In this area, it is recommended that you use keywords to boost the credibility of your profile and make it easier for your brand to be found in searches.

Adding your skills doesn’t have to be difficult.

All you have to do is scroll down to  “Featured Skills and & Endorsements” section > click the “Add a new skill” button and start adding your skills.

Then get as many endorsements as possible.

Make it a habit to endorse your connections, though, not all will return the favor, but the majority of them will endorse you as well.

However, don’t sit and wait for them to return the favor.

Ask your connections to endorse you. Word of mouth has a powerful force, so take the initiative and reach out to your connections.

#7• Get recommendations to boost your profile

Getting recommendations from clients you have worked for and individuals you have worked with on a project is remarkable because it serves both as a case study and a testimonial, and this will significantly boost your profile credibility.

Prospective clients who visit your profile will always look at your recommendations to find out who and who are recommending you.

Thus, the best way to go about it is to start by asking those you have worked with on projects to write recommendations for your profile.

Also, contact clients you have worked for to write recommendations for your profile.

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How to Boost the credibility of your LinkedIn profile

Wrapping Up

As mentioned earlier, with 80℅ of B2B leads coming from LinkedIn, the professional networking platform is the #1 social media marketing platform for B2B marketers.

So, to generate leads and scale your business, you need to boost your credibility by optimizing your profile.

Follow the steps in this article to help you build a trusted and credible brand.


27 thoughts on “How to Boost The Credibility of Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Hi Moss,

    I love the tips you shared. I struggle with LinkedIn and don’t value it as one of my top leaders. I worked at it and implemented some tips and tricks but still not much of a success. I continue to focus on Twitter, Facebook, and now Pinterest as that has been slowly growing for me.

    I would love to know if LinkedIn is a valued resource for your own business?

    Thanks for the share!

    1. Hi Bren,
      You can’t imagine how happy I am to see you on my space and reading your comments. I appreciate it.

      You’re not alone in this. Many others find it hard to get along on the platform, which is the reason for this article. In fact, there will be more articles coming as follow up for this post.

      And to your question, yes! LinkedIn is a valued source for me. I would say almost half my clients are from LinkedIn. Don’t get me wrong Bren. Twitter has been my #1 marketing channel, but LinkedIn is picking up because I get referrals from my 1st and 2nd connections.

      Like I said, I’m writing a follow up on tips to get more from LinkedIn.

      Thanks so much for coming by. I really appreciate it!

  2. Hi Moss,

    This is a very useful article on using LinkdIn properly. There is a lot I didn’t know or think about before reading this article. You have done a great job of listing all important aspects of LinkdIn and how to use them for maximum benefits

    I will be eagerly waiting for the follow up posts you have said will be coming up.

    Thanks for sharing the amazing tips with us. Have a great day!


    1. Hi Naveen,
      Im happy to have you here again, it shows how amazing a supporter you are. And most if all, I’m happy the article is helpful for .
      Yes, I will come up with a follow up article on how to maximize LinkedIn for business. Keep on the look out my friend.

      Thank you so much for coming by and commenting.

  3. Hi Moss,

    I can clearly see from this article that I should be doing more to optimize my LI profile.

    I actually do get leads and clients from LI, but mostly from the articles I write for Pulse.

    I’d probably do even better if my profile followed some of the guidelines you’ve outlined here.

    I will look more carefully at that 🙂

    Thanks for the nice job, here.

    1. Hi Donna,
      LinkedIn profile optimization is the foundation of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.
      If your profile is well optimized, you will get leads and new clients.
      Ensure that you implement the tips to boost your credibility.

      Thanks for coming by Donna ?:-|

  4. Hi Moss,
    Now that’s an awesome tips you posted on LinkedIn..
    Off all social media channel this is where every beginner fail (consider me too).

    But as you mentioned that 80% B2B leads comes from LinkedIn.. That’s quite amusing as some people completely ignore LinkedIn thinking it will not drive traffic or sale..

    Btw thanks for such informative post. I will try to cover as much point as possible on my own LinkedIn profile.


    1. Hi Shadab,

      I agree with you. Many marketers fail to leverage LinkedIn. Some reason that it is a platform where professionals go to find job and connect with other, and not knowing the marketing power of LinkedIn.
      For this reason they ignore LinkedIn.

      Thanks for your honest comments Shadab.

  5. Hi Moss,
    Thanks for the hugely informative post.

    I love using LinkedIn and will be sure to apply the suggestions that you made to my profile. And I have no doubt that I and my business will benefit from the updates.

  6. Hi Moss, you gave me some work to do here. I need to work on my background image.
    I’ve struggled with this one as I have a full day job and my side gig which I want to highlight in LinkedIn.
    I recently did that and left out my day job on purpose. They say you should present yourself for the way you want to be, right?
    Thank you for this informative and inspiring piece on LinkedIn Moss!
    I’d love any feedback if you check mine out too 🙂

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Yes, you have to wok on your profile and optimize it accordingly. I actually checked your profile for use in this article but found that it is not well optimized. I also checked Ryan’s profile and others as well.

      Your background space is your LinkedIn strategic marketing space that needs to be optimized correctly.
      I will definitely check out your profile to see how far you gone with it.

      Thanks so much for coming by.

    1. Hi Brandi,

      You are actually not the only one who thought that way about LinkedIn. Many only view the platform as a professional networking site for job seekers. That’s wrong because LinkedIn has the potential to take your biz to the next height if used correctly.

      Thanks so much for coming by and hope to see you more often.

  7. Hi Moss,

    Your post is an excellent reminder! Too often, we ignore LinkedIn and do not use it efficiently for multiple purposes. But, you have just made some great tips here. Even, some of the features are not being used properly. Like updating the media section, summary etc.

    Definitely, need to make changes to LinkedIn profile for better results. Thanks, again for writing out these tips.

    – Arfa

    1. Hi Arfa,
      Thank you for acknowledging my article as an excellent reminder.
      Many marketers ignore LinkedIn because they view it as a professional networking site for job seekers, and not for social media marketing and generating leads.

      If one should change his view of the platform and see it exactly for what it is – a lead generation magnet, you will reap amazing benefits and grow your business.

      Simply follow the tips and optimize your profile accordingly.

      Thanks so much for your comments.

  8. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely donate to this brilliant blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will share this website with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

  9. I really can’t believe how great this site is. Keep up the good work. I’m going to tell all my friends about this place.

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