What are the best WordPress contact form builder plugins? You must be using several website builders plugins. But what about contact forms? Each WordPress website should have contact form builders. WordPress contact form builders help you to communicate with the web experts easily without using your email box.

It is one of the critical elements that can improve your website growth. Current contact page with contact form acts as a bridge between website users and site owners for better user-experience.

But, the main issue many web owners are facing is how to choose the best WordPress form builder plugins out of thousands.

We agree that it is a tough task to execute.  However, you are in the right place, and we are here to sort your issue! From all the free and premium WordPress contact form builder plugins, we have picked the best seven for your convenience.

But wait!

Are you aware of the significance of these contact form plugin builders?  WordPress contact form plugins are essential for keeping in touch with potential customers for the services and the products you offered to them.

And above all, they are vital for those existing customers who need assistance from you.  These are exceptionally useful for directing the request to the required department and a suitable person.

The contact form builder plugin does not allow you to make any mistakes to decrease your conversion rate. Though, we appreciate all the custom WordPress plugin development companies that relieve WordPress lovers by providing them the services they need.

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Let’s dive into the topic proper; shall we?

7 Best  WordPress Contact Form Builder Plugins 

1: Contact Form 7

contact form 1

Considered as one of the oldest contact form plugins,  Contact Form 7 is free and has acquired almost 5 million active installations.  It is required to have some general knowledge about HTML to build and customize the contact forms.

This plugin lets you integrate form fields, such as radio buttons, text boxes, dates, drop-down menus, check-boxes, and many more. You can use the WordPress contact form 7 plugin with Google ReCaptcha for the prevention of spam.

It could be used with the verification box t0 ensure that humans are submitting the forms by blocking the automated spam attempts.  With a straightforward user interface (UI), users can create different contact forms in less time.

The contact form plugin builder for WordPress is user-friendly, simple, and flexible; yet it is capable enough to handle user – requirements. Contact Form 7 is an excellent option for those who have a tight budget since it is a free plugin.

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2: Happy Forms

Happy Forms follows a unique approach for building the forms. As you may already know, other form plugin builders can cater to your different form builder interface. But Happy Forms authorize you to create the form with WordPress customizer.

It means you can check how the form will look like while in its development process. And I think it is very appreciable. The WordPress contact form plugin builder has an interface with unique features. Also, with the help of WordPress customizer, you can quickly manage your WordPress website.

All you need to do is to integrate the fields to the form. And the live preview will be checked right after that. This live preview will show how your contact form will appear to users.

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3: Jetpack Forms

7 Best WordPress Contact Form Builder Plugins (Compared)

Jetpack form is a powerful plugin by WordPress developers.  The software is one of the regularly installed plugins from the WordPress directory. This plugin has several free tools to boost your WordPress website and gives you a soothing experience.

It also integrates other tools, such as:

  1. Site performance software
  2. Mobile responsiveness builders
  3. Social network commenting systems
  4. Statistics
  5. Etc.

Moreover, Jetpack can develop forms on both Gutenberg and classic editors, and gives the free utility tool known as the contact form module. It also provides a powerful and sleek form builder which is backed by Akismet to block spam from your website.

With Jetpack, you can develop multiple forms and place them on every page of your WordPress website.  Strangely enough, the WordPress general settings such as emails are used by Jetpack to send alerts when a form submission is completed.

You can also set a custom email for receiving notifications. The software has a drag and drops feature for adding, editing, and re-ordering the fields.  In addition, the lite version of Jetpack is free, but the premium plan starts from $3.50 to $29 per user/per month.

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4: WP Forms

wp form builder

One of the best and beginner-friendly plugin is WP forms. The developers built the software intending to develop a WordPress contact form that is powerful and easy to use as well. It has almost 2 million active installations which show that it is a powerful plugin among the WordPress community.

It has a free and premium version. The free version is the WPForms lite which gives the essential features that are required to develop a contact form with drag and drop interface.  The software includes email marketing strategies that can assist in building a newsletter signup form.

With WP forms, you do not need to write code for building different forms type. Users can upload images, files, and documents while submitting the forms.

The tool uses honeypot, custom captcha, and ReCaptcha to prevent spam from entering into the WordPress website.  It also has a lite version at WordPress.org for simple contact forms. The paid plans start from $40 to $300.

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5: Formidable Forms

Known as one of the advanced WordPress plugins, Formidable Forms builds complex forms-focused solutions instantly.  With this tool, you can use the option of drag and drop for creating advanced forms, like:

  • Surveys
  • Registration forms
  • Quizzes
  • Profile forms, and
  • Payment forms

And because the software has all the advanced features which users love, it can develop the form focussed solutions.  The focused solutions include rating systems, event calendars, and board listings, and many more. 

You can also integrate the WordPress formidable form with the payment and email marketing platforms.  These forms can help build the WooCommerce and product forms which users can directly connect to the cart.

Though it has a free plugin, to enjoy the advanced features, you need to upgrade to the premium plan that costs around $47 for one website and $ 117 for unlimited sites.

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6: Ninja Forms

Ninja forms let you build a complex structure in a few minutes.  The tool has the power of a premium plugin and is suitable for every user (those who cannot handle the big budgets).  You can easily and quickly design outstanding forms with its drag and drop interface.

What is remarkable is that Ninja Forms does not need an expert or a programmer to create the forms. Hence, use these forms to develop indefinite forms with fields such as date, email address, phone number, etc. It offers 40 premium add-ons such as:

  • Multi-part forms
  • Conditional logic
  • Front end post submissions
  • User analytics
  • Etc.

These components will integrate your site with the most prominent customer relationship management (CRM) tools and marketing services. Some marketing services you can easily integrate with these elements are:

  • Zoho CRM
  • MailChimp
  • Aweber
  • Capsule CRM
  • Constant Contact
  • Campaign Monitor.

In addition, Ninja forms have a free version. The premium version cost $20 per year.

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7: Everest Forms

everest form buider plugin

Everest form is an expandable and efficient form with drag and drop options to develop forms quickly and easily. It provides users with google ReCaptcha for the following reasons:

  • Protection from spam
  • Column support
  • Successful submission
  • Several form fields
  • Multiple-column support
  • And many more.

Furthermore, Everest forms allow users to select from different form design templates, and also check the form entries from the dashboard. It features fantastic functionalities. But the features that contribute to its remarkable appearance are the drag and drop user interface.

As with many WordPress contact form plugin builders, Everest form has a free version available at WordPress.org/. The economical price for this contact form builder plugin starts from $49. However, to enjoy the fascinating features of the premium plan, you need to upgrade to the $89 plan.

7 Best WordPress Contact Form Builder Plugins (Compared)

Wrapping Up The Best  WordPress Contact Form Builder Plugins

Choose the right plugin according to your requirements from the list mentioned above. I hope this article is helpful to you and lets you make the correct decision for building your WordPress website.

There might be more contact form plugin builders we have missed out. If you come across any, please feel free to share. Let us know if this article is useful to you. Thank you!


Jason Daszkewicz

Jason Daszkewicz is an IT enthusiast with 5+ years of experience in developing WordPress websites. Currently, he is associated with WordSuccor – WordPress development firm in the USA. He loves to keep abreast of the latest technologies and tools in the corporate market. Connect with her on Facebook & Twitter.

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Amar Kumar · October 11, 2019 at 8:59 am

Hello Jason,

WordPress has a huge number of contact form plugins available, and these can be used to create everything from simple feedback forms to complex order forms.

These WordPress form builder plugin really looking well featured that have potential to create a professional form without the need for a developer. They also includes number of form templates that you can use for your form and it will save lot of your time on creating a new form.

Formidable Forms is a highly adaptable and flexible WordPress form builder plugin. You can easily create a well-functioning form with the help of this plugin.

This form builder not only helps you to collect data but can also create listings or directories based on the collected data.

You can also format, filter and display the submitted data from the forms, I’ve much information about this one because one of my friend using it from since 6 months.

Eventually, thanks for exploring these Plugins with simplicity.

With best wishes,

Amar Kumar

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