How to Use Pinterest to Gain More Traffic and Subscribers

How to use Pinterest to gain traffic and subscribers

Many content marketers often misuse Pinterest, they fail to understand that they can use Pinterest – a powerful social media marketing platform to gain more traffic and subscribers.

They still see this amazing marketing tool as a very specific type of social media platform, which indicates that they simply do not understand the power of Pinterest.

But it is not just that. It was and never have been just that.

Pinterest may as well be the biggest visual search engine channel. Most people who use it (around 200 million active users per month) know what they are there for; high-quality images that provide valuable information.

If you are ever trying to look for DIY tricks or recipes for special events, go straight to Pinterest. That’s the best place to start.

But if you are a blogger who wants to use Pinterest to attract as many blog visitors as possible, how would you do that? Thus, many bloggers, content marketers, and website owners are now wondering how to do the following:

  • How do I get traffic from Pinterest?
  • Why is my Pinterest traffic down
  • How can I boost web traffic from Pinterest?
  • How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog
  • How to post on Pinterest to gain increased traffic
  • How can I use Pinterest to increase my website traffic?
  • How to grow Pinterest traffic

When you look closely at the pain points above, you see that they’re all about getting traffic from Pinterest.

However, before you start using this social media marketing powerhouse, it is best that you know what this platform is about and those who use it.

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This brings us to:

1• Understanding what Pinterest is and who uses it

First things first. To use any platform, you need to learn and understand how it works and who uses it.

Pinterest is not like other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Rather it is a large search engine with algorithms and systems that process new data and serve it to their user base.

You don’t really go to Pinterest to talk to your friends and colleagues, but to find the most visually appealing images, that most likely have valuable information for you.

Pinners (and marketers on Pinterest) use the platform to promote their content, products, blogs, and drive massive traffic.

“Pinterest is for moms” is what many would say when they hear about promoting your content on this platform. And if you have a mom-targeted blog, you will probably be happy that such is the case.

Unfortunately, those are misconceptions.

According to the Pinterest business report for 2017 (more…)